Okay, so, I have a pug puppy who I’ve had long enough by now that he SHOULD know be housebroken. Yet, he goes outside, does his thing, then comes back inside and goes AGAIN!
Anybody have any tips? I’ve heard that pugs are both easy and hard to train, but… does anybody have a pug, and could tell me if this is normal?
Thank you!


  1. Donna & Jessie

    You’ll need to retrain him from the start.
    Confine him in a small area such as a kitchen etc with baby gates, X pen etc. Take him out every two hours during the day, plus after meals, playing, training or exercise. It works best if you have a designated spot to take him outside.
    Take him on leash and praise, praise, praise and pet (even use treats if you want) when he goes. (The idea is to stay with him) Make sure to wait until after he goes all the way to praise or you might cut him short and he then will need to go again soon. Wait about 10 minutes the first few times. Maybe you dog is feeling rushed and doesn’t go all the way.
    Do not play with him until AFTER he has done his thing. Then bring him back into that confined area.
    Block access behind and under couches as little dogs are notorius for sneaking away and potty and you discovering it later. Prevention is the key.
    If your pup does start sniffing around (first sign) take him out immediately. If he starts to actually potty, pick him up and take him out to the designated location. Be calm and matter of fact. Puppies need to potty, they just need to be taught where to go-outside.
    If you are diligent, he should ‘get it’ with 7 days. After about 8 months of age, you can start giving her more freedom to other parts of the house, one room at a time. For example, add a room, try it for two weeks, then add another. If you place his bed/mat in the room, and sit with him in the room for an hour or so a few times, he’ll learn that is also his space too and not to potty there! Most people go too fast trusting their dog-the most common mistake.
    If he has accidents, (she will), clean the area with bleach or vinegar to remove the smell. Even a small amount left will trigger her need to pee on the spot again.
    It may also help to train her to ring a bell to ask to go out. That way she learns a signal to tell you she needs go out.
    The other thing that litle dogs are famous for is marking. That is when they lift their leg on things but only leave a little pee.(Think when they go outside and pee on other dog’s pee). This may be triggered when another dog (or cat) comes in the house, even just for a visit. Or if another dog actually pees in the house. Again, prevention is the best bet. Keep all visitors confined to a hard surface floor area where it can be thoroughly cleaned.
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    It’s great for dog class follow-up as it teaches you step by step how to train.
    Good luck!

  2. kate

    Hello. I think it is normal…
    Tips for dog training.
    1) Avoid giving your dog combined commands which are incompatible. Combined commands such as “sit-down” can confuse your dog. Using this example, say either “sit” or “down”. The command “sit-down” simply doesn’t exist.
    2) When giving your dog a command, avoid using a loud voice. Even if your dog is especially independent/unresponsive, your tone of voice when issuing an obedience command such as “sit”,”down” or “”stay”, should be calm and authoritative, rather than harsh or loud.
    I hope that is helpful.

  3. pmdchess

    My daughter-in-law has a pug and she also had problems with the house training. She had to really focus on the puppy and respond very quickly to the signals that he needed out. Remember, you are training a “baby” so hang in there and be patient! Your pup will learn much faster if you are doing a lot of praising for the good behaviors. Good luck.

  4. Rockin' Retriever

    Someone on here by the name of Fallon had pugs, maybe she’ll answer?
    But this really doesn’t have to do with the breed, all dogs go through this. Just keep up with the training and don’t give up!

  5. Sumit K

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