I just got a kitten about 6 weeks old (some a**hole left him on the road) and the poor thing has got tons of fleas! I’ve already given him a bath but he is too young to put a flea collar on!
Anyone know any good cheap ways of getting rid of em?


  1. Paranormal Kitty

    The only thing you can use at that age is a bath, but don’t use flea shampoos. Use a mild shampoo like Johnson’s baby shampoo or an all natural one like Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey.

  2. overnigh

    fleas reproduce on a 6 to 7 day schedule so if you cant treat the kitten, then bomb the apartment… take every creature out of the home for the next few hours and bug bomb the entire suite. minimum 2 bombs per room, and at least one in the hall…
    turn off the air, and close the windows up tight…
    go for a drive for a few hours, and when you get back, take the vacuum cleaner outside and dump it. while your at it, get rid of the spent bug bombs.
    then vacuum every square inch of the house started from the top and working down or started in the back and working forward,
    EVERYTHING gets vacuumed, couches, the cushions, the carpets, everything.
    do laundry, and start with the bed sheets, and any table cloths…
    then once you get that done, then make a point of vacuuming every day at least once, the ENTIRE house.
    follow that for 2 weeks 14 days straight, and then bathe the kitten again. and this time just vacuum every other day for the next 2 weeks…
    by the end of week four, your flea problem should be gone…
    fleas jump around a lot, and they get very active when there is flea bomb in the air so they keep jumping and sooner or later you will vacuum them up or they die…
    average life span about 18 hours… so if you keep vacuuming, then eventually you get all of the adults before they can lay eggs, once you break that cycle, the eggs will die off and can be vacuumed up.,
    KEEP vacuuming, and remember to take the vac outside to dump it

  3. its_kit

    You can get flea powder, it isnt very expensive and it very effective.
    (at least it was on my cat!) You can buy it from any supermarket or pet store, and its pretty easy to use, as long as you don;t mind holding your cat down firmly!!

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