Is there a problem with fleas or ticks in the central California region; places like Monterey, Carmel, Salinas, etc? Would a dog need some kind of preventative, like Advantage or Frontline? Not all parts of the USA have noticeable flea and tick problems, so please don’t assume that “fleas live everywhere”. Thank you.


  1. feebee!!!!! is back!!!!

    yes they every where in order for your dog not to acquire flees just bathe them at least once a week and use luke warm water in bathing them

  2. doggzma

    Central coast is BAD with ticks. Not sure about inland. Fleas not as much, but the ticks will eat you alive. Frontline Plus is your friend. We went camping with our dog, the next morning hubby and I had to check each other over to make sure we had gotten all the ticks off. {{{{{shudder}}}}} Our dog had a _couple_ on her, but thanks to the Frontline, they didn’t latch on and were dying. Everything including the tent got washed in hot water several times. Us too, just not in the machine ;oP. I do not remember the fleas being anywhere near as bad, but they were not totally absent. You definitely need protection.
    Oh! and do not forget your pet’s heartworm meds either. It is rampant in CA with only one small area near the lower eastern border with Nevada that is supposed to be relatively free of this awful pest.

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