Our home has been infested with fleas. I didn’t want to call an exterminator just yet because i hear that they just make them not reproduce. Will I have any luck with the fogger?


  1. WhereThe

    I’ve never had much luck with foggers. The only thing that I’ve found that really works is that advantage (spelling?) stuff you put on the dogs back. Your fleas will be gone in 1 or 2 days.
    Its safe and easy …
    assuming that you have a dog or cat ….

  2. texas nanna

    maybe , you can take seven dust and spread it outside ,under house, in places the dogs sleep.its safe for animals ,just read lable.fleas dont like cedar either.

  3. Buffalo NY plastic surgeon

    i would use a flea treatment from the vets office, the stuff at walmart typically doesn’t work and can be harmful to your pets! If the investation is bad, i would use frontline plus along with flea bombs. But make sure you read the directions carefully as all your pets must be out of the house. Also if you just use a frontline (with no flea bombs) it will take alot longer to get rid of the fleas if the investation is bad because the fleas spend most of their time in your carpet! Fleas can also cause worms (don’t remember which ones) so i would take the dog to the vet along with a fecal sample to get tested to be sure they don’t have worms~ Good luck!

  4. Rose

    The foggers have worked for me. The stuff gets in all the nooks and crannies that otherwise would have been missed by sprays or whatever.

  5. Chalice

    I haven’t heard great things from people who’ve tried exterminators. I get the impression that exterminators just use the same chemicals no matter what the insect in question is – and fleas are in a class of their own, what kills other insects doesn’t touch them!
    Don’t use anything from a pet store, and that includes foggers and bombs. The stuff just doesn’t work. Pet stores aren’t licensed to sell the proper chemicals for flea treatment – anything you find in store is just going to be a basic pesticide that you can’t expect to work.
    Go to a vets for some proper spray. See what they recommend. Skoosh is the newest and possibly best as it’s pesticide free.

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    you need to treat the pets with something like advantage first.then try a pie pan of thick dish soap and water at nite with a lamp next to it to drown the fleas.the exterminator makes them not reproduce which inturn does eventually kill them.vaccummn often and change the bag ALOT.those foggers can be dangersous all of those chemicals land on your furniture and carpets – it cant be good for u.

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    It’s going to be a process. If you have carpet, the fleas have left their eggs behind (in your carpet and your yard). The eggs hatch every 3 weeks.
    When you fog your house, you need to treat your backyard and leave the house with your dog.
    For your dog ask your vet for a Capstar it starts to work in 30 min. and lasts for 5 hours at about the 4 1/2 hr mark use Advantix, Advantage or Frontline.
    You will need to treat your yard and you home again in 2 weeks. Good Luck!!!

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