He chews them all up.


  1. b.w.

    Why train a dog to eleminate in the house? The first thing to remember about housetraining a puppy is there ability to hold themselves is limited. a rule of thumb is they can hold “it” usually 1 hour for each month of age. 2 months old = 2 hours, 3 months old = 3 hours, etc. when your puppy wakes up (marning, nap, whatever) the pup has to go, right then! take the pup out. when the pup eats or drinks, it has to go, take the pup out. after exercise (play), take the pup out. when the pup does it’s thing outside praise it. a lot. tell the pup how good, how smart it is. you have to pay attention to the pups “looking for it’s spot” behavior. when you see that behavior indoors, whisk the pup out. if you catch the pup in the act, simply tell it “NO!” and whisk it outside. if you find a puddle or pile after the fact, clean it up with an enzyme cleaner (pet food store) get a newspaper and hit…. yourself in the head and say “i should have been paying more attention” daytime training they get pretty fast. night time training is easier if you crate train the pup. also remember the one hour/one month rule. you will have to get up through the night to take the pup out. good luck

  2. walking lady

    Puppies will do that. I believe it’s much better to train a puppy right from the start to go outside. When you’re not home or at night, they can be put in their crate, but when you’re there, they need to be trained to go outside. Do you want them peeing in your house forever?
    Keep the puppy in the room with you so you can keep an eye on him. After a nap, hard playing, a long drink or if he just hasn’t been out for a while or looks restless, take him outside. You need to go out with him, tell him “go pee” and the very second he pees, give lots and lots of praise, then come back in. This way he learns the difference between play time outside and potty time.
    If you teach your puppy with lots of praise and don’t give him the chance to make mistakes, he’ll learn very quickly. When he does make a mistake, quietly clean it up unless you catch him in the act, then tell him no and take him out.

  3. desidoo

    no. puppies will chew everything and anything. if you’re trying to housebreak, time, patience and crate training are good.

  4. TritanBe

    If you are going to use something to protect you floors use the grass scented potty pads. This way the puppy will not become confused as to the odors.

  5. CF_

    if you allow your dog to pee/poop in the house on newspaper or pee pads they dont understand why its not always ok to pee in the house on things left on the ground
    start crate training if your pup is over 12 weeks of age… this is the BEST method of house training…
    provide better chew toys
    hard, soft, and medium – puppies need things to teethe and stimulate there mind (he is chewing newspapers because he is BORED)

  6. blb

    Crate training is the only way to go. I have three dogs and two are in crates during the day (We always go home for lunch). Besides being the best way to housebreak it also keeps them from ruining anything in your house. I make sure that I have clean, dry towels, blankets, etc for them to lay on and I usually put a chew bone in there. Many people say that they just can’t do that to their dog but it is the best thing that you can do for your dogs. When mine get older I do start leaving them out. I still leave the crate up incase they want to lay down. (it becomes their home)

  7. petlover

    DO NOT USE NEWSPAPER AT ALL! If you are starting with a young, untrained puppy. ..it needs to go outside every 30 minutes. Do not play with the dog at these times as you are trying to instill in it that this is a time to do business. Praise is the only reward that should given when you get posititive results. As the dog gets older, you may wait longer (up to 3 hours). Crate when not at home or at night. Do not hit or spank a dog that has had a “mistake” , use your voice to indicate displeasure instead ( a sharp “NO” if you catch them in the act) I have trained a number of dogs and you must be attentive to the dogs needs, most “accidents” in the house are not usually the dogs fault if you are diligent.

  8. Unusual_

    My dog did the same thing with newspaper. He would get bored and chew it all to bits and pieces. I used blank newspaper. You can get big rolls of printing paper from your local newspaper printing company. I don’t recommend using newspaper thats has print because when it gets wet, the ink can get onto your floor, or in my case white carpet…

  9. Jessi

    crate training is best, use pee pads in corners for accidents until he understands he goes only outside

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