My dog is very agressive to people he dosnt know I am looking into a behavioralist but I was wondering if there are any DVD’s or books or anything that WORKS. I love my dog but if he bites another person he will be put down


  1. DJL

    Why put off the invevitble,Life is too short to put up with an aggressive dog.
    There is a fabulous solution for taking care of this, it is called a trip to the vet and a shot.
    There is no self help for a dog like this. Either spend the money for a real dog trainer or put the dog to sleep.

  2. Diana

    One of the reasons he is doing this is because of your correction methods. Slapping will not work, but, neither will telling him something. I believe the problem here is that he was spoiled and now he is returning the favor the only way he knows how, by acting like a dog that was never corrected with a choke or a prong collar and was never shown his place in the pack..
    Put a prong on him and start correcting him, hard, whenever he shows any aggression towards you. Get him in a real obedience class that will teach you how to train, not negotiate with a dog!!! Hope I helped! Check out my site for DVD’s about training dogs

  3. Dutchman

    I’m sure there are DVD’s that teach methods that would work….if they are teaching a method that works with YOUR dog. A DVD will not be able to look at your dog and determine WHY he is being aggressive. If you want to fix the a trainer.

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