We’ve recently gotten a black lab from some friends. She is 1 1/2 years old and is trained OK in the basics (sit, kennel, go), but we would like to train her better. I haven’t had a dog in forever.


  1. betterhe

    Most dogs as anxious to communicate with you. The training is for you, not the animal. Use a calm, and patient presence. Decide ahead of time what your goals are for him/her to learn. Your praise is all he will need to know he’s done a good job.
    Use short words with hand signals (treats also work-but some animals expect the treat and will not response without it) Don’t try to teach too much at one time. Give him a chance to learn slowly. Remember he is learning a new language, but you will soon see him respond when he recognizes a word.
    My dog is now teaching me dog. He gets in my face and just moans away and tells me what he wants. I can actually tell what he wants by the sounds he makes. His English is so good, that we talk to him in complex sentences and he gets it.
    The most important thing is that you both have a good time and both your lives will be richer because you become friends not just owner and pet.

  2. colesbox

    There’s a really good cable tv show called “dog whisperer”. Dont know if its on in your area but we get it on comcast cable

  3. You call that CHANGE?

    Take her to Dog Obedience classes, they arent very expensive, and its really fun. I took our German Shepard for 2 years….. You can usually find info on the classes through a 4-H group.

  4. Jennifer D

    A lot of time, and even more patience. They’re not human, but they’re very intelligent (especially a labrador.) They love to be rewarded and noticed for the good things they do, just like children. Dog Obedience classes are the modern day approach (quick and easy for people who’ve never had pets.) But if you’re looking for a genuine bond with your new pet, you’ve got to spend genuine time and energy with it.

  5. umdanddv

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  6. hat

    What kind of dog is it? They have the “Dummies” book like my cousin has Pitt Bulls for Dummies. So replace Pitt Bulls with the breed of your dog and find it.

  7. newmoon

    The “dog whisperer” Cesar Milian. On the national geographic channel, firday nights at 8 p.m. He also had some dvd’s out.

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