I have three miniature schnauzers and they have never had fleas until now. We moved recently and I am sure that has something to do with it. I have just started seeing them this week and I am freaking out!!


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    Avon’s bath oil, Skin-So-Soft, has been shown to be an effective flea repellent. University of Florida researchers sponge-dipped flea-ridden dogs with a solution of 1.5 ounces of Skin-So-Soft to 1 gallon of water. A day later, flea counts had dropped 40 percent. “Fleas have a keen sense of smell,” the researchers reported, speculating they don’t like Skin-So-Soft’s woodland fragrance. Although it clearly isn’t as effective as standard flea dip, they said, adding the bath oil to an insecticide dip helps mask the insecticide odor and gives the animal’s coat a glossy sheen.
    Skin-so-soft is an excellent bug repellent.

  2. Debbi S

    This one works for us. We feed our dogs a half a clove of raw garlic about twice a week and have had no fleas since we started doing this last spring.

  3. Holly D

    i use dawn dish soap and leave it on there for about 10 to 15 minutes to let it sit and then rinse and add conditioner that you would use when washing your hair because the soap tends to make the hair course and that works for me

  4. pretty_g

    you need to bomb your house and hgive your dog a bath with flea shampoo and if the are younger than six months you should give them a bath with Palmolive dish washing liquid i remember we had just got some dachshunds and they had fleas really bad so that is what we did and it worked the first time and after you finish giving them a bath you should go to wal mart and get some flea collars they also keep fleas away for about six months so i hope that i have giving you enough information hope that you use it because it does really work ok take care

  5. shortyre

    There is no true way to rid your dog of all fleas but try a flea cream that you place down the center of their spine.

  6. macdoodl

    find out where they are getting them inside or out.
    maybe have to get them dipped or use front line and spray the house. i use fumigator twice once then again in 7 days to get hatching. then done for the duration.
    dog parks are also notorious for having fleas..
    if your doggies are around uncontrolled areas and others maybe frontline plus. or simialr is best.

  7. Shadow's Melon

    I would suggest getting Frontline from your vet. It only need be applied once a month and keeps the fleas at bay. We don’t have fleas in our yard, so don’t need to do it at home, but we do go camping often and so we treat before we go to make sure they don’t come home with any.
    If you keep this up for a while and treat the house and yard, eventually, you can probably get away without it at home like we can. But you have to make sure you get rid of them from the home and yard, or the problem will continue. In our case, the dogs in the fenced back yard pretty much keep the cats and wildlife out as they don’t want a run in with any dog if avoidable. So they also don’t bring fleas into the yard either.

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