I have an english pointer mix that needs a “job”. I thought I would begin training her for what she was bred to do, minus the actual gun. Are there any resources available (video, literature, etc) for training a pointer? Right now, she gets too worked up when she sees small animals, I am hoping that training her to point will be better than chasing so I can have her off leash and at least close (I like to hike, but it is not fun with a dog on a leash that wants to chase everything… she behaves, but whines the whole way!)


  1. lost_for

    there are a ton of videos and books that can help you train your dog the best ones you’ll probably find will be at your local hunting/fishing store. The videos are awesome i know because i trained my english springer spanel with one and i am so glad i did.

  2. Amber

    There are gun dog clubs. Do a Yahoo Search for them in your area. Try the AKC website. They might have a listing.

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