I have a 10 month old boston terrier/cocker spaniel. He is on a flea control program and I have not found any fleas on him. However, I find little bites on myself almost every morning. So, I was hoping to find a save flea treament I can use on my linens so I don’t have to wash them…


  1. mudd cat

    this is no joke when i moved into my new house the people who lived there before me had dogs and cats and the flees were unbelieveable, my grandfather told me to get some lysol,liquid like pine ol pine , and put it in a spray bottle, spray it on like all over everything, i did, and it dang sure worked, the lysol smuthers them out, i had to leave the house a couple hours but hay no more flees. and afterwards i got a carpet cleaner and went over it again, with lysol and water mixed in the cleaner, and you wouldnt believe the flees that carpet cleaner had picked up. today, i have no flees in my house. if dog goes outside quite abit do the carpet once a month. i do. and i put on dog, adams flee spray, in a blue bottle. can get it at pet shop. everytime she starts back in the house.and also you can get some adams power flee dope to spread around the house. And also with the dog on flee control the flees will still get on him, but jump off when he comes in the house. if you have sand around your home, they can live in that stuff, and they multiply.

  2. barbee86

    this may not be fleas. the bites you could be experiencing could be bed bugs. the only way to know for sure is to see some of have your house inspected for both. a pest control comp. will usually do this for free.

  3. roderick

    Long term, you need to go to an exterminator, and ask them to lay down insect growth regulator. The persistent bites suggest that the fleas are leaving eggs in your carpet, and even if you flea-bomb, the eggs will still hatch.
    Also, there might be fleas outside in the grass or leaves or whatever around your house. Growth regulator will take care of that, too.
    To get rid of the biting adults, you’ll still need to flea bomb, or wait for them to die naturally in about a month.

  4. The Water Bowl

    You could try using fly spray, pyrethrin generally kills most things. If you continue to treat you dog with a flee treatment like frontline this will also help kill them and stop the cycle.

  5. Kay_Leig

    Hmm… You can always buy flea bombs from your local supermarket, or surprisingly, pet store (fleas are fleas) and spend the day shopping while that is happening. Anyhow, to also avoid a next time, or at least cut the numbers down, you may want to buy some lime powder or other flea killing products and pour it around your house (remembering to keep on it every month of something)… Or you could always fumigate your house with professionals? he he… but i would most defiantly wash anything that will come in contact with the body…

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