Well, I think its an even match.
They train us to what they don’t like, or what they do like. We train them to do what we do like, and not to do what we don’t like. We learn their every move, can tell what they want by how their tail wags or what they’re feeling by the tone of their voices, they can tell the same thing through our body language and voice.
We train them, they train us.
I’ve never owned one dog where this wasn’t true.


  1. rhinestones

    My dog trained me on following issues:
    how to bath and what type of shampoo’s /soap’s used for bathing
    Fooding time and menu of food on day to day basis.
    walking time/sleeping time and how to make his bed
    dating dress . on these issue my dog trained me and whenever he found any problem , he bite me .

  2. delhitew

    we are definately having to train him. he is a 5 month old lab..I wish I knew how to keep him from running up my water bill. no matter what his water is in, he has to play in it..he loves standing in the plastic kiddie pool and drinking it, water is a toy to him.

  3. Purple Rain

    I believe it is both we change to some of their ways and they do the same. I also think we can`t survive without them and the same goes for them and we love the companionship or at least I do !

  4. theresag

    My dog is trying to train me but I’m wise to his and her tricks. I love my dogs wayyyy to much lol.

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