I have a min pin and he keeps getting a bad case of fleas. I keep a flea collar on him, I give him a flea bath every two weeks, I only take him outside to go to the bathroom, and the house is not infested with fleas.


  1. roxie_29

    You can get some sprays for your Yard and house It will help alot…You can go by the Vets office and Buy frontline or other products without bringing the dog or making an Appt..You really need to control the fleas they can make your dog ill..They are sucking his blood..He can become anemic or worse…Good luck..Hopefully it will be better when winter comes.

  2. 2bnkeys

    Buy some advantage, frontline, or advantix from petmeds.com. Give your dog a good bath with some good flea shampoo. After the dog is dry put one of the topical meds between shoulder blades of the dog and squeeze tube out. It will soak in and usually works and will need to be reappled every 30 days.

  3. here to help

    there must be fleas somewhere if he has them, give him a flea bath everytime he gets an outbreak, and try changing his flea color more often, and spray where he normally is with flea stuff because he might leave some there when he scratches.
    if its a she, the substitute the he’s with she’s

  4. red_roxy

    Just to let you know flea collars don’t work. Once the collar gets wet, forget trying to get rid of the fleas. Giving a dog a flea bath every two weeks is bad for his skin. Even though you may not see the fleas in your house doesn’t mean that they are not there. You should buy Flea spray and spray it around the house. Also wash all of the bedding and anywhere the dog lays. Also you may want to call a lawn service company and have them spay your yard for fleas. Fleas can live anywhere even outside. You also should pick up some FRONTLINE PLUS !!!

  5. Compulsive Reader

    Read the flea/tick shampoo bottle. Once every two weeks might not be enough. Our flea/tick shampoo says to bathe the dog once a week.
    You can also get products that will get rid of ticks in your yard. You have a short little dog and fleas can certainly get on him if you have an infestation in your yard.
    You should also boil bedding and so on as someone else recommended. Cedar shavings might also help.
    We use an over-the-counter flea and tick goo on our dog that works fine. There are different formulations or sizes for different sized dogs.

  6. iIuvdogs*:) =)

    get flea shampoo to keep them controllable but i would take him to the vet b/c he is probably miserable

  7. Brittany

    get flea shampoo to keep them controllable but i would take him to the vet b/c he is probably miserable

  8. bigrob

    Here is a non-toxic way to kill fleas, it actually food grade and won’t harm pets or humans.
    It is called Diatomaceous Earth (the name is misleading since it really is not earth at all.)
    It will kill anything with an exoskeleton, including fleas, tics, lice, ants, roaches, all your basic bugs.
    You can order it from: http://www.perma-guard.com/
    You might find it at a local garden center but be sure that you only get the “food grade” kind.

  9. Chana

    are you sure the house is not infested? try boil washing his bedding your bedding and any sofa covers and then placing flea treatment on to your carpets/floors to be on the safe side. also i would recommend a spot on flea treatment like stronghold as they work quite well and stop the fleas life cycle.
    personally i find a spot on once every six weeks and one bath during that six weeks with a johnson and johnson flea bath shampoo helps keeps the fleas at bay on my dog and cats.

  10. Garden by M

    when you see adult fleas, they have already laid the eggs which are very small and white, you can’t really see them. they get in carpet, cracks, bedding and then hatch out. One female flea can lay 400 eggs in a month! You have to stop the cycle. The once a month potions do work but are expensive..this is what I do. I wash the dog blankets in soap and 1 cup of bleach(no flea survives that) once a wk. I bathe once a wk, if I see fleas, I hit them with spray before they start laying eggs. I mop my floors with bleach. I have no carpet. I have very few fleas. Also beware that they are in the yard, so if you have dogs next door and they have fleas, they are all over your yard just waiting for a host. good luck, it’s a never ending battle.

  11. Stacy R

    order frontline plus from entirely pets on-line. Works great. Costs 35.00 for three tubes and use one tube a month. If you have no fleas, don’t flea him if you do, use it.

  12. English1

    When you say going to the vet, I’m assuming you mean paying for a vet visit. Sometimes they have products you can buy without having to pay for a visit. I haven’t found flea collars to be very effective. There’s something called knock-out spray that helps. I know you say your house isn’t infested, but it doesn’t take long if one flea comes in. Knock out spray repels them and if they do get on your dog, it sterilizes them so they can’t reproduce. You might be able to use that in conjunction with your collar if you’ll read the instructions to make sure it’s safe. Also, if you don’t want to use the knockout spray, there are some really good organic type repellents you can buy at PETCO or PETSMART.

  13. peke1

    You might want to go to your local health food (you know where you can get organic foods and specialty suplements) and ask for something natural and organic. I have heard too many stories
    about flea collars. Also there are several thing that you can put on your dog, yes the vet recommends them. But they can be ordered on line for less and delivered to your door.

  14. Mary

    Always keep him in healthy shape eating right to help immune systems from sicknesses, have good hygeine to prevent fleas and ticks, order flea collars and keep extras in the house, and…umm…i think pets mart has secial shampoo for fleas/ticks, but I’m not sure.

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