What do you think is the best way to train my dog. Classes with other dogs or with a trainer one to one?


  1. jamto

    I would definitely start out one on one. Anytime you limit distractions your dog will focus on you better. Don’t get me wrong though socialization is very important, but the first thing you need to achieve is that your dog recognizes you as the leader and obeys you.

  2. jams

    depends on a few factors
    -your dogs temperament
    -your dogs ability (or inability) to focus on you
    -your ability to learn and do whatever is being taught
    -the specific things you would like to teach your dog
    for example:
    your dog is dog-dog aggressive, and you are a slow learner = private sessions
    your dog is sociable for the most part, you catch on pretty fast, want to teach him basics like sit/down/stay = group class
    obviously, each thing has to be taken into account separately and as a whole.
    and you also have to take into account which method of training you would like to do with your dog (styles will vary trainer by trainer, so make sure before-hand that you are comfortable with their type/style of training)

  3. Dog Trainer

    With other dogs. Dog training is for the dog, for dog socialization and for the pet owner to learn about dog behavior.

  4. Megan

    Socilization is a must. I would say classes unless your dog is totally unruly then a trainer. After the trainer, classes. Depending on where you live you may have a kennel club that could help you with your perticular problem or concerns.

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    I think classes early on are very beneficial to any dog/puppy. It helps them socialize with other dogs and people. They also learn to work with the distractions of other dogs in their class. I would not trade my group class time with distractions for anything. It has been very helpful when we’ve gone into the ring for obedience matches and will hopefully carry over when it’s time to enter a novice ring at trial.

  6. puppy.lo

    I agree with a lot of these answers, and I do believe that your dog must be socialized. I believe though that the best training is with the use of methods emphasized over and over and over in “The Dog Whisperer.” “The Dog Whisperer” is Caesar Milan. Hi show airs on the National Geographic channel and is so excellent. You don’t have to dedicate that much time to watching it every week if you watch several episodes in a row.
    Dog training is not about just sitting, staying, and rolling over. You have to learn to communicate with your dog. And your dog has to see you as its pack leader. Your dog has to know that you run the pack and whatever you say goes.
    Every since Caesar Milan first came on, I have found so many different ways to correctly and permanently change my dogs behavior – and my own – to suit the both of us. The dogs are happy and we are happy.
    “The Dog Whisperer” is absolutely awesome!!!

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