My 10 week old puppy has fleas, and we bought some Hartz Ultra Guard medication, but he is still too young for it. Is there anything that I can do to help keep the fleas to a minimum until he is old enough? Also, what can I do to minimize the fleas around the house? They aren’t that bad yet, but I want it to stay that way.


  1. Andy

    you have to treat the dog , ask the vet for some frontline flea drops and spray your carpets with flea spray. until your dogs old enough try ecualyptus dog shampoo it repels fleas

  2. PSOs gal

    You may need to give you puppy a treatments of flea baths. Groomers do them or a vets office. For you house you will have to buy flea bombs but need to get out of the house for a few hours along with any other pets that you have. You have to watch the box on the Hartz Guard med. There are certain kinds for certain dogs by weight. Some say dont give to puppies. He may be to young just wait and call you vet to see if he can have this treatments.

  3. justanot

    Get some ivory dish soap and give him a bath with it… this kills fleas on contact. As for your house, get a room fogger. This will kill any fleas that are in your carpet.

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