He’s allergic to flea shampoo, allergic to the flea bites, and is suffering. The vet put him on Frontline and a hypo-allergenic shampoo, but it wasn’t affective. He would still get bitten, and his reaction would start all over again. We’ve treated our yard, flea bombed the house, and shampooed our other dog, but somehow they still find him. We need a way to kill them before they bite, preferably something to put around the house and on him. We’ve spent hundreds of dollars on things that don’t work, and I don’t mind the expense but it’s kind of a pinch to bomb, treat the yard, shampoo him with special shampoo, shampoo the other dog, treat them both with Frontline, and so on every time he has an outbreak. So would someone please tell me what gets rid of fleas.


  1. harlysdr

    salt . put it on the carpet ,they will leave , after a week hov ver the carpet . trust me it works

  2. roman_Sl

    Hi Jade,
    I’m so sorry to hear about this. Here’s what I’ve read, and I hope it helps. I don’t know about getting the fleas out of the house or the yard, but I did read that putting a tablespoon of vinegar in their water bowl helps make them less attractive to fleas. I also recently read that if you coat them with whatever shampoo, the fleas in that area will be suffocating, and will “come out of hiding” to get oxygen. I think the email that was forwarded to me said to put some shampoo on a cottonball, rub it onto an area, and hold the cottonball there for 15 or 20 seconds. When the fleas try to surface for air, they’ll get stuck onto the cottonball.
    I hope this helps.

  3. lvn_sjb0

    The most natural way to get rid of the is, just put a pinch of sage or garlic in his food. As in humans, both of these will work through the skin, and you’ll smell it. So will the fleas, and they hate it.
    I’ve used garlic for years
    Good Luck & hang in there

  4. blk_shee

    it sounds simplistic and silly, but vacuum. Daily. Spray your vacuum with frontline or empty the cannister daily too. Vacuuming removes 50-70% of fleas, larvae and eggs from your house.
    put the dogs on a schedule. Bathe and treat them once a week until your problem is resolved. Don’t wait for an outbreak, just treat them.
    treat the yard every couple of weeks intil the problem is resolved.

  5. tgrnicol

    Keep treating your house and yard once a week, every week, until the fleas are gone. Then do it at least once every two months…or more often if needed.
    For your dog, bathe him in lemon joy. The citrus oil in it helps repel fleas and ticks. Also, get a 1 quart spray bottle and fill it half full of white vinegar, then finish filling it with water and add 1 teaspoon of lemon joy. Be sure you do this either outside, in the bathtub, or in the kitchen sink because once you put the spray nozzle back on the bottle, the vinegar and soap will react for a few minutes (it’s nothing major…but if you leave the ON/OFF twisty thing (<--technical term, I know...haha) on the end of the spray nozzel in the ON position, it will spray on its own for a minute or two). Spray this homemade "bug repellent" on your dog and any other animals that live in the house at least once a day, and again each time you let them outside to potty (before they go out). It is safe enough for very young and very old animals both, and all ages in between. My mom's dog has bad reactions to flea bites too and her vet said it was safe to give her human benedryl when she does have a reaction. Talk to your vet about this before you do it, and they can tell you what the correct dosage would be for your dog.

  6. ocean zebra

    Place a light over a shallow pan of water. The fleas will be attracted to the light and will jump in the water and drown. This worked for me when I had a huge flea infestation in my home a few years back.

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