i need tips on training a wild lil black pug(in my pic). he pisses on everything once i turn my back cause he wont do it in front me.and he also bites every thing . he is 2 yrs and i know the biting prob stop once he get older. but i need ways of traing him to sit, lay, stay, and some others.


  1. Love Training

    By 2 years he well passed old enough to know not to bite. Take him to training and learn how to get control of him.
    As for potty training, here you go:
    First off, confine him when you can’t supervise. I can’t stress enough the importance of this. For potty training, use a crate that is only big enough for her/him to comfortably stand, lie, and turn around in. He should not be able to potty in one end and lie down in the other. Make sure he’s not confined for too long — generally the age in months plus one hours (so 5 hours for a 4 month old pup).
    Every time you take him out of his crate take him outside. He should be on a leash. You should go through the same door every time. Take him to where you want him to potty and start repeating his potty command until he finishes. Then treat him and let him play or go for a walk.
    Put food and water on a schedule. Give 20 minutes to eat and then pick food up until next scheduled meal. Give water every hour (or when he’s obviously thirsty.) By scheduling meals and water, you are able to predict when he will need to relieve himself. Put him on leash and take him out.
    Watch for behaviors that tell you he needs to go out: circling, squatting, sniffing, crouching, ….
    I have clients who tell me their puppies won’t go while they are outside, only to come inside and make a mess on the floor! If you find this to be a problem, give him a reasonable amount of time outside and if he doesn’t go confine him for 15 minutes when you come back inside. At the end of that time, take him back out. Repeat this process until he goes. By doing this, you are teaching him that he will earn his freedom by pottying where it’s appropriate.
    Lastly, basic obedience training really can help. It clarifies leadership for your dog (and sometimes for the owners as well 🙂 )

  2. Iluvmyhu

    Get some bitter apple spray, spray everything he bites it may help deter him. Sounds like he’s very dominant, get a belly band keeps them from marking in the house. You can use a spray bottle with water mixed with a little white vinegar to remove the pee smell, even when you clean up the pee the dog may still be able to smell it. Positive reinforcement worked the best for me if you yell at a dog and rub their nose in the pee it’s just going to make them afraid and more nervous, they won’t remember why you yelled just that you yelled. Reward with praise and treats to enforce good behavior. Pugs are very high energy try walking more often, and maybe crating the dog when you can’t watch them.
    As for training keep the sessions short and fun. Use a certain word every time you begin a training session make it a game,your dog will be more receptive to the training sessions.

  3. joemarqu

    you need to take him out every day the same time
    6am/ 2pm/ 8pm
    he will get used to it trust me
    it will take time just train the dog

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    They say when a dog/probably best as a puppy, but really works, when your dog has been asleep as soon as he/she wakes up put them out within 20 minutes of waking up. I housebroke my pup by putting him out within 10 minutes of him waking up. Now he never has accidents. Good luck. Let us know what ya find out.

  5. >:(

    okay 4 the chewing problem get rawhide 4 peeing when he starts sniffing (watch him carefully) take him to the door, and grap his paw and scratch the door w/ it and say “go pee” in a stern voice. im not really good w/ other tricks like sit and stuff like that. anyways i hope this helps GOOD LUCK! (^0^)/

  6. The Secret Course

    Here is the best website I have found for training ever on the internet and it’s all free information. Keeping in mind that you don’t have to train your dog for protection or tracking.

  7. Jenifer C

    I got a dog about 4 years ago and she was a mess. It took a lot of time to work with her but the best thing I ever did was buy the Book “Dog Trainning for Dumbies”… It’s the best book EVER for house trainning, controlling your dog, and getting your dog to finally listen to you. My dog now is wonderful and I don’t have to scream at her anymore. SHe can sit, lay down, stay, jump up or not, speak, shake and ALWAYS goes outside to pee.. It was tough to start with but it’s SOOOO worth it.. You can get that book at any book store. If you do, what the book says, you’ll have peace in your life again..

  8. eroberts

    Well the one thing you might be doing is punising the dog by yelling at it. You must reward your dog for going outside not puniss it for going in.

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