Have a lab puppy. Need some tips. He’s house trained, that wasn’t hard. But I’m having trouble with him nipping peoples hands while playing. It’s not fear biting or even a bite. when you play with him he will nip at your hands. Tail wagging and all that .Friendly dog I just don’t want him putting teeth on people.


  1. Jenn

    I don’t know a site but I would first recomend getting a bunch of puppy training books because they are extremly helpful (Dogs For Dummies) and even a book on the breed. Catch up on some reading. Don’t start with basic commands, start with the basics. Remember, you can’t expect a dog to learn everything in one sitting and it may take a few days or weeks to fully learn. Take ten to fifteen minutes everyday at the most. It is important to teach your dog not to jump because its torture when you have a giant dog jumping all over you. The way to discourage jumping is to simply turn around so your back faces your dog and say in a firm voice, off.
    The thing about dogs and puppies is that many owners really don’t understand them and think of them as their children. Dogs can be your “baby” but you can’t treat them like one or behavior and dominance issues will come up. When you give a dog tons of attention and give it constant attention to every good and bad thing, it teaches the dog that it can control you. This is the biggest mistake owners make. Without realizing it, they do small things which makes the dog think that he is the leader. It leads to big attitude problems like bitting and aggression. There is simple ways so that your puppy will learn that you are the leader and you control your puppy from the begining and not the other way around. Your dog wants attention and you are giving it. To discourage behavior issues, ignore him and praise him for doing what you want him to do. Yelling will piss him off and confuse him so don’t do it. If he begs, send him off for a “time out” and bring him back when he is good. I believe the reason he acts that way is your fault. you spoiled him and taught him to be like that. He is ruling your life and it should be the oppostie. You need to put him in his place the doggy way and not the human way. He thinks he is the leader. Do not feed him scraps, feed him everyday and he will eventually eat. Buys a crate for him and when you take him potty and he does not go, put him in there. Do not give him the chance to be out unsupervised until you can trust him. Treat him like a puppy. Praise him when he goes. Yelling and getting frusterated at a dog, does nothing. Be calm, firm and kind and everything will work out.
    Back to jumping. If you knee your dog and stand in front of him, then its encouraging him to keep at it. Like children, dogs are easily influenced. If you pay attention to a child who is being rude, and respond back, it encourages the behavior. Even by standing in front of your dog, and kneeing says that this is what you are doing to stop it and it is attention. By turining around and saying the command once it shows that you do not like this and will ignore the dog until it stops. Keep turning and saying the command until the dog stops jumping (it could take awihle). Turn around when he stops and praise him. Remember, don’t shout and say the command a lot because it becomes confusing. Even if you are greting your dog and he is happy to see you, wait until he calms down to pet him.
    Barking can be a problem as well sometimes. If your dog barks a lot, many people will just yell, QUIET, which doesn’t do anything. As I said before, giving attention will encourage the problem. Get up, and leave the room and do not let the dog follow you. Do not say anything at all. The dog is damanding attention and leaving says that you do not like it and the puppy will not get attention by acting like that. Return when he quiets down and praise him. Only do this if your dog barks a LOT. If he just barks once or twice, ignore it unless it gets bad. NEVER EVER give any attention to an attention seeking dog. Only do it when YOU feel like it.
    Enough is a good command for a dog to know when he is playing rough or nipping and you want him to stop. Say enough and leave the room until he is calmer. Do not say this to much. Alos, keep in mind that this is normal behavior and as he grows up, it will stop. It is a stage that most owners go through.
    The command leave it can also be useful. You could be walking and he sees a dog and gets excited. You say leave it and continue walking. It is good to know if he tries eating something bad for him on the floor or at a dog park. It can stop him from chewing and many other things you want him to not do. To train him to do this, just keep saying it (no works to) and if he is not a leach, tug it once. Say the command sharply and only once.
    The first basic command is sit. Many people say just to push the rump down but it is a bad idea. Physically touching a dog to teach it makes the dog think that everytime you command it, you will shove the rump down. It can also influence nipping if your dog becomes irritated. Dogs respond greatly to hand movement and what I like to call on the spot training. On the spot training is giving the treat for little things until the bigger picture comes to view. For exmple, praising a child for studying five minutes is good. Eventually the child will study hours and a bigger reward can be given for little steps. Have a small back of treats on you and make sure that they are in tiny pieces so the dog will not take time to chew them. Cup your hand with a treat in it, be on your knees so you are level with the dog and put it to your side.Your dog will be sniffing your hand and trying to get it. You slowly lift the treat over your shoulder and the dog will follow it. If he gets distracted, try again. At first he may try to jump after it but keep trying very slowly. Once he kind of sits give him the treat and say sit. Eventually he will fully sit and you can lose the hand motion but the dog never forgets it. Slowly wean him off of the treats and do it in different places. In the yard, in the bedroom, on walks, standing up and lying down.
    Th next command will be stay. After he learns sit it will be a piece of cake. Command sit when standing up. Make sure he is on a leash so he does not wander. Put one hand up like a stop sign and have a treat in the other but make sure he knows that there is a treat. (do this fast because he will want to stand up). Quickly give him the treat after like a second and say stay. Then do it over. Eventually you can back away and even walk out of the room but use on the spot training and do not expect to get to far away to fast. Again, you can lose the hand motion eventually.
    Come is also easy after he learns stay. This is the second part to the stay command. After he has learned stay and you can walk awy a tiny bit. Say in a happy cheeerful voice, Come! He will run over and you can give him the treat.
    Down is the hardest command. Male dogs are not as submissive as females and by lying down, it is showing that you are the leader. Dominant dogs and breeds like the pit bull can be difficult to train to do this trick and roll over is near impossible. If your dog lets you rub his tummy then you know he is not dominant and thinks of you as the leader and is submissive. My little fourteen pound dog never was as a puppy and it took weeks for him to learn and he never rolls over. If your dog is submissive, this is easy. Stand on your knees and hold a treat in one hand. command sit and take a treat and hold it on front of his nose. In the same hand, point at the ground until it reaches the ground. He will follow it. Suddenly, pinch the treat in your same hand and drag it across the floor so he lies down. Do the motion slow and say down. If he only goes a little, reward him anyways and build up. Many dogs will folow the treat until it reaches the ground and will sti up again. Do it very slow and keep trying.
    These are the basics and if you go to training school you will learn the same.Say each command clearly and once. If you are to irritated to give the dog any attention at all, get rid of him. You need to try this stuff and have patience or it won’t work. Walk him a lot and get him sleepy. You really need to chill for it to work and if you don’t this is only going to worsen. Oh, and if he pottys in the house, do not scold him because he will not remember. Negetive renforcement does not teach andything. Only positive. Good luck

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  3. Anti Everything

    i downloaded this book for my dog, it worked a treathttp://www.kingdomofpets.com/dogobedienc…

  4. smiling_

    Yup here:http://www.dogpages.org.uk/forums/index.…
    Brilliant site with some very experienced people who provide kind, positive reward-based advice.
    Teaching him a bite inhibition is massively important and its great that you’re trying to resolve this sooner rather than later. I always turn away with mouthy pups, and make myself really boring. When they’re calm, I reward with play or a treat – it generally only takes a few days if you’re persistent with this method.

  5. Nz Master

    I think a good site is http://www.best-dog-training.com Its got lots of articles on dog training and tips & tricks aswell. You can also get a free ebook on “How to have a healthy dog” when you subscribe to the free dog training newsletter. Well worth a look.

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