I have a cat she is about 6 years old, and collar doesn’t work on keeping the fleas off of her, neither does the stuff you buy in local stores that supposedly lasts 30 days you put at the base of their neck, and to add to it she is losing her fur in spots, is it caused from excess scratching from the fleas, or something else?


  1. Adrianna D

    This hair loss may be because of food( reaction), Stress or at the worst case a sickness.
    if this continues or gets worse take it to a vet for a check up.

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    Yes, fleas can cause alopecia (hair loss). Anything you buy over-the-counter is unsafe, ineffective, and a waste of money. You need to buy something from a veterinarian’s office like Frontline, Revolution, or Advantage. It may take a couple months of continuous treatment but you have to keep going, do not give up. Vacuum all carpets and cloth surfaces- couches, chairs, etc, daily to every other day. Your vet can also give your dog a capstar to kill all the adult live fleas on her at the moment.

  3. wooden book

    It could be caused by a lot of things – flea allergies, ringworm, etc. As a rule, all anti-flea stuff you can buy at a grocery store or PetCo is junk and may even be harmful.
    You need to take your cat in to the vet as soon as you can. They can diagnose what’s going on with the fur loss and also give you effective prescription flea medication.

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