We moved into an apartment two years ago. The previous tennants had a dog. We just got kittens a few weeks ago and they now have fleas. The vet said that fleas could have lived in our house dormant for two years and that’s how they got them. Is this true? If so, do we need to flea bomb the house? I have never had to do that before and don’t know what to expect.


  1. Anonymous

    Yes, this is true. I once went to see a vacant house that was for rent and when I came out there were fleas all over my legs. What I would recommend instead of bombing is a non-toxic organic called Diatomaceous Earth. It comes in a powder form and you can buy a powder sprayer and spray it all over the house. The fleas will die in a couple of days. Make sure you wear a mask when you do it, and that the kittens are taken out of the apartment until the dust settles. Leave the powder on for 48 hours and vacuum. If you don’t think that will work and want to do the bomb, remember that it is very toxic so make sure that you and the kittens are out of the apartment when you set the bomb off. Put all dishes in the cupboards. Allow some time afterwards for everything to settle and then you’ll need to go in and wipe all hard surfaces down and wash any and all bedding and throw rugs. Make sure the kittens are treated for fleas before returning them to the apartment.
    Kim at: http://www.peaceful-organic-planet.com

  2. Peekablu

    Fleas live in carpets and bedding. They only jump onto animals or people to feed or lay their eggs. It’s possible that the fleas were already there. It’s also possible that you brought them in somehow. You don’t have to have a pet to bring them into your home. You will need to take some measure to rid your home and kittens of the fleas. Frontline Plus is a great product. There is also a Frontline Spray. Ask your vet what he/she recommends to use for your home.

  3. bioGeek

    Yes, it is possible that there were still a couple of fleas left…it doesnt matter how many, fleas multiply FAST!
    Good luck!

  4. Lady M

    Yes they can live without pets but I am not sure for how long they can remain in egg/larval/pupae stage. They normally continue to hatch and use humans as food when there are no pets. More likely that you have brought them in with the kittens when you got them or even on your clothing of from a visiting pet. All it takes is one to start a cycle.
    You need to deflea the cats ask your vet for advantage, deflea your house with bombs or one of the other multitude of products made to sprinkle on carpets and rugs, and if their are fleas in your yard deflea it so you don’t bring in any more hitchhikers.
    Make sure you repeat treatment of the house/yard to kill all stages and try to get a product for the house that contains a growth regulator, it will help break the cycle.
    Diatomaceous Earth would be a good thing to use in the future (it won’t kill adult fleas or eggs you have already). It is microscopically sharp (similar to lava rock) and as larvae crawl over it, it scratches them and they dehydrate.

  5. nepherym

    We used the damascus earth when I was growing up. Also be sure to vacuum a lot and toss the bag outside of the house.

  6. Elizabeth D

    Yes, they can live in carpets and mattresses. Give your pets a flea treatment and spray your house for insects.

  7. g8rfan4u

    Yes, fleas can live in a house where there are no pets. You need to take your kittens to a vet and have them treated for fleas. During this time, set off bombs that will kill fleas in the house. After you do this, you need to do it again in 14 days whether you see fleas or not. Reason being is because bombs do not kill the eggs that are in the carpet and will soon hatch and reinfest your house. Good lluck!

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