We have just discoverd some fleas in our apartment. Somehow they got in even though our cats dont go outside. I know they can hitch a ride on humans from place to place. My question is now that we have started treating for them is there anyway to keep them from biting us. My husband has been bit and i’ve seen some bites on my 17month old. Is there any home remedy or something i can put on their skin to keep them from biting until I get rid of them??


  1. Niffer_7

    I had a horrible flea investation problem once. I would suggest do a flea bomb. Then after ward buy a flea colar. Cut it in half and place half in the canister or bag of your vaccume. Vacume everything couches, anything with upholstry, your bed, box spring. Then immediatly bag what ever you vaccumed and throw it away. Bag up all bed clothes and wash in hot water. Treat your animals with something like front line. Flea wash just didn’t work for my cat. If you can’t bomb like me. I bought flea spray at petsmart and sprayed down my carpet, couch, mattress, and box spring. Good luck. I found out I was allergic to flea bites. It was a nightmare for me.

  2. Kyla

    Yes, I was going to say too that Avons skin-so-soft oil works great. I use it on puppies that are too young for flea treatments. Fleas hate that stuff.

  3. zombiebr

    When mel gobson was shooting bravheart in scotland/irland to help he brought over a shipment of Skin so soft to help out. other than that try you’re local outdoor persuites shop for special cream

  4. !IHaveAB

    i wouldnt be living in those conditions…especially with a baby.. Go and book a hotel room for a week and get the exterminator in and remove the fleas and then go back to a clean flea-less home…

  5. Lynn

    I wish I knew of a natural home repellant to use on your baby.
    But to tell the truth, I only know of one widely known product
    that the company says will repell fleas on both animals and
    humans. And that is Avons’ Skin So Soft bath oil. I have used
    it on my dog in the past, and it made her skin very oily. I didn’t
    see any fleas tho for a few days after she’d go outside. But
    she would get so dirty from attracting dust and grime to her
    oily hair that I stopped using it.
    As for humans I would think as a repellant it should be
    applied full strength. But since you have to go through an Avon dealer at a kiosk in a mall or through your home neigh-
    borhood, they can find out for you from their manager. Some-
    one should know if there is another means of using it. It is
    a stronger smell when it isn’t diluted tho. I’d also ask the Avon
    lady if it is safe for a baby’s skin. I would think it is.
    Good luck on this item. They stand behind their products.

  6. basketball addict

    A good remedy to keep fleas off is Slice a whole lemon very thin (peel ‘n all) and add to a pint of water. Heat this mixture right until the boiling point. Let sit overnight. In the morning gently rub the mixture into your skin. Just dampen the skin don’t drench it! Do this once a month. This is a natural flea killer! You can also use this every day for skin problems involving fleas.

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