Are other dish washing soaps other then Dawn okay for getting rid of fleas on my 7 week old puppy? What about anti-bacterial?
Please don’t tell me to use dog shampoo, just give me an answer for my question.


  1. Nedra E

    Dawn is well known as being THE ONE liquid soap that’s gentle enough to be safe to wash animals. That’s why they use it to remove oil slicks from animals coated by oil spills in the ocean.
    I use a drop or two of Dawn in water to drown ticks I remove from the dogs and it works great.
    It is fine to soap down any pup or kitten with Dawn and leave it on for 2 or 3 minutes to kill the fleas. Then rinse the dog or cat thoroughly. Anti-bacterial liquids could be hard on the skin, so ask your vet before trying them.
    Do NOT use any dish soap OTHER than Dawn ! It’s inexpensive. If you don’t have it on hand, BUY some !!! -!-

  2. darise83

    I have never heard of that. But like you said, dog shampoo should not be used! I would talk to your vet. I’m not sure that even Dawn will kill off fleas or what it would do to your pup. I do know that if the fleas are not taken care of it can lead to serious problems with pup.
    Good luck to you and your pup 🙂

  3. Servitil

    Don’t feed your puppy garlic. It’s a blood toxin.
    Also, when my cat had kittens, the kittens ended up with fleas. Sometimes they do alright with them, but it could end up posing a serious threat at such a young age. I’d consult a vet. Dawn is one of the safest things you can use on an animal to wash them. But I’m doubtful they’ll rid him of fleas.

  4. ladystan

    only heard that dawn will do it. you can always try yours.
    if your puppy has them at 7 weeks that means his mama and littermates has them too. also your house. treat them all.

  5. Oliveia

    No, that will really irritate the dogs skin you should use oil of some kind like baby oil, then rinse thoroughly that will suffocate the fleas.

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