I found a flea on my dog in October. I treated her and my other two dogs with Advantix. She spends about half of her time outside and we are in the Northern Midwest (It’s cold!). Could she still have fleas? I see her scratching, but I am not sure if it’s flea related.


  1. solar charger

    Flea activity outside drops to zero in the winter months in cold areas. However there could be a flea or two in your carpets or dog bedding that is taking advantage of the heat in your house.
    Finding a flea in october is not uncommon. They can still be active on warmer days and inside. If you find one now then it had to have come from another dog or from a warm area indoors.

  2. rosebunn

    yes it is possiable she may still have fleas. Or they still could be in your house u do get fleas on you.Because she will continue to get them on her if they are in your house. Even if it is cold out. My dog has fleas still and its cold out where i live. I use treatment and it dont help. And with the itcing just keep a eye on her it could be dry skin. My dog has the same problem but just keep a eye on her she keeps itching she could get scores and that is not good so just watch her. If you are worried just take her to the vet they could help you. Well good luck.

  3. *Heather Loves Joe*

    after the first frost of the year the chance of them getting fleas is reduced significantly

  4. seleniti

    Fleas are persistant bugs, not only they can be found outside, they can live in your carpets, beds, couches, and etc… I use frontline plus all year around, but because you live in colder climates it could be due to dry skin. You can give her supplement of omega 3 fatty acids and that will help moisturize her coat, and when you give her baths use an oatmeal shampoo.

  5. i luv me

    dogs can still get flea’s even if it’s cold and if you treat it it can go but to be on the safe side give her a bath/shower and use a shampoo that kills flea’s then check to see if she has them.
    hope i hlped

  6. dogtrain

    Could just be dry skin.
    About the flea you found, maybe it came from another dog, or was over wintering in your carpeting.

  7. Chalice

    Fleas are not seasonal, as once believed. Your dog could indeed have fleas in winter – they overwinter in warm places, i.e your house!
    You need to treat regularly the year round really. You may need to treat your house right now if that’s where they’re all hiding. If you think you’ve tackled the fleas but she’s still scratching then you need to see a vet to find out what the cause of the scratching is.

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