We moved into our apartment and it had fleas in it (we think, because my ankles have been eaten alive) and so I started wearing socks and pants and keeping my baby off the floor, and we hadn’t been bitten in weeks but just today I have been bitten twice and my baby has been bitten once. I know that flea life lasts 2 weeks? I thought maybe if they didn’t eat anything they would just die off since the females need a blood meal to lay eggs. Spraying is hard with an infant, especially with it being winter and having to vent the place out afterwards, not to mention that you have to be away from the home for a number of hours. Any alternatives to solve our problem?


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    All of the things that don’t involve spraying may repel some fleas, but won’t kill them. Since they have established themselves in your house, it will be nearly impossible to kill them and the eggs unless you just call a professional. Believe it or not, you won’t be as put out as you might think, and if you tell them you have a crawling infant they can use stuff with that in mind. You will need to clear the house for a few hours, but can return safely afterwards and won’t have to ventilate. We had this same trouble when our oldest was a crawler, and after using all sorts of stuff, we finally called in a contract killer. In one afternoon they wiped out the problem entirely. We went out for dinner and came home, and had no problems. I am particularly sensitive to sprays and insecticides, they trigger an asthma like attack, and I had no problems afterwards either. So skip the home remedies and just call the pros. It’s less expensive in the end, and definitely easier on you and the baby.

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    All you really need to do is salt the house. Take some regular table salt and put it in a food processor, blender or coffee grinder and make it into a decent powder. Then sprinkle the salt across the carpet and into all the nook and crannies. It is completely harmless to everyone in the house but the fleas will eat it and then dehydrate and die. Vacuum the house at least once per week and reapply the salt immediately after. Continue each week until the fleas have easily been gone for at least 2 weeks. Commercial flea killers are nothing but salt solutions.

  3. i.holoce

    (1) If you have carpet, vacuum. Even if you don’t vacuuming picks up fleas between the cracks. Vacuum sofas and rugs.
    (2) Use flea traps. See link below. Check local Home Depot or pet store. Homemade flea trap: place a shallow dish of soapy water under a low night light, one that is plugged into the wall that would not accidentally fall into the dish. The fleas are attracted to the light, jump towards it, and fall into the dish. Another would be a tray of diatomaceous earth under a nightlight. You can get diatomaceous at Home Depot. However, keep your child away from the trap since it is electrical.
    (3) Boric acid is harmless to mammals but would dehydrate insects.
    (4) Call for an “organic exterminator”.

  4. T C

    You got the info right on fleas, but, I read they will mature and live in the egg sack for a year waiting for that first taste of blood. (Talk about Vampires)! Borax laundry soap (powder form) will kill them. you should vacuum and get rid of the bag, and then sprinkle the soap like you would baking soda

  5. sultrysk

    Try all of those and I have heard to put flea collar pieces in your vacuum bag too….try a pan of water…they may jump into it and drown…crickets do

  6. cowboydo

    I didn’t read any of these others so, take the baby and go for the day, to your mothers, a friends. Find a sitter and then go back to your apartment. Get everything ready before hand. Bomb the place, do it good for once, so you needn’t do it again.
    Vacuum the place real good, make a good cleaning day of it. The fleas can’t live on human blood although they will bite you, they die on human blood so.
    I wouldn’t place baby on the floor just yet, give it a chance and wait to see what happens. Good luck.

  7. Tigger

    Yes. Vacuum. Since you have a baby, you may want to have him out with the family for a few hours. while you treat the house. There are a number of good powders that will kill fleas and flea eggs. You can use one of them, or Borax. Sprinkle it on the carpets and furniture and let sit at least twenty minutes while you wash the bedding. Then vacuum it up, and make sure you don’t miss anywhere. Keep vacuuming every day for at least two weeks, until you are sure you have no little bloodsuckers lurking.
    Good luck!

  8. joyceele

    Put Flea Power down on the carpets, put it down before you go to work, leave down all day, vacuum when you come home.
    It should help.
    I would repeat several times. If you have any pets currently get them on the Flea Advantage. It helps break the breeding cycle of fleas as well.

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    Buy cedar chips and tie them into little cheese cloth sacks. Put them out of the way of the baby (under the couch, behind the couch, etc.). Also place cake pans of water with dish soap in it. Place a light above it. They will be attracted to the light, into the water and die. Of course keep it out of reach of baby.

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    i once mixed diatomaceous earth, borax, and boric acid to get rid of a severe flea infestation in a vacant house, and after two weeks there wasn’t a single live flea anywhere. foggers did nothing to kill the fleas. absolutely do not spray if you have small children, that stuff is more toxic than they tell you it is. some people might sneer at “home remedies” such as these, but i can tell you that i worked on this house for several months afterward and didn’t get bitten even once. the infestation was so bad that if you wore white pants you would literally see dozens and dozens of fleas on your legs. the tenants had 11 cats, so that’s what created the problem.

  11. ?

    Pink , it depends on where you are in the world , in S>A we have got a plant called kakiebos , which grows wild everywhere and when placing it in your house fleas would actually get the hell out of there , but the borax remedy really works try it.

  12. nanaboob

    if your neighbors still have pets the fleas will be coming from next door, down the hall, whatever. talk to your landlord and see if he/she can call a pest control person in.

  13. b q

    i had good results with borax powder laundry soap,sprinkle and leave it overnight and vaccume..make sure you get rid of the faccume bag..you may want to repeat this process a few times

  14. mom of five

    I never heard of the Borax soap powder remedy, but I have heard that Borax soap powder mixed with peroxide in a bath is a great remedy for getting rid of mainge on animals, so I bet that may be a good alternative to try, especially with a baby in your home.
    Another remedy that I have tried with wonderful success is putting several mothballs into your sweeper bag. You need to vacuum every day in order to kill any new fleas and thus end the cycle. This works amazingly well, but you will need to be careful to ventilate well while the fumes are strong, especially with the baby in the house. I tried this remedy out of absolute desperation, when everything else failed…….bombs, traps, etc., and surprisingly, it worked!

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