My dog lives in my back yard but i want him to live inside and i tried to keep him inside but he peed?


  1. allie_ca

    Yes you can- I work at a PetSmart in Minnesota. The age for puppy class is 8 wks to 5 months I believe and the next class is the beginner class (you learn almost the same things as in the puppy class but it is for “older” dogs with no previous training). The cost here for a class is $109. What you should do is contact your nearest PetSmart and speak with a trainer. They should be able to help with your individualized training issues.

  2. huntingp

    Yes you can take your dog to a big box petstore and have a person knowing little more than you teach you basic obedience. I would look for someone or some group that is invovled in performance events such a obedience or agility. Commonly these people will teach this classes and have tremendous experience that can help you.
    If you look for groups in your area with these interests, you will find someone interested in helping you, and knowledgable.

  3. lolaa

    well don’t take him to petsmart traing. They won’t help and are way overpriced. Teach him to go outside by being patient and being there to scold him if he goes inside and praise him if he goes outside. Take him outside when you wake up, after his breakfast, in the afternoon, after dinner, and before bed. He will slip up at first, but be patient. And he may not need a trip in the afternoon, but start with it, and get a schedule established.

  4. Moonflow

    I would think any age. Of course now he has been outside he will need to know that he can’t pee inside. Remember at the moment he can pee where and when he likes. He does not understand he can’t do that in the house.
    At nine months it will take a while to make understand the new regime. I don’t think the task is impossible though.

  5. sweetaim

    have you tried to train it? i got my new puppy when she was 6 months old. she wasnt potty trained at all and i got her trained on the first day. some take longer. but they go potty in the house then you show them their mess and tell them no and put them outside immediately. watch them and when they go potty outside give them a treat. they will catch on real quick. if you are too busy to train then you shouldnt have a puppy. they need alot of attention. otherwise if you are just afraid you cant do it or its too frustrating and your dog just doesnt seem to learn then puppy classes might be right. make sure hes up to date on shots and call them to enroll.

  6. Racer19- My best friend is a dog

    YES!!!! Dogs should start training early!! That way, when there grown up, they will be responsible dogs! And, you will have a happy life.

  7. Olli

    You have to house train it. Since the dog has been living outside it doesn’t know the difference between inside and outside. teach it.

  8. carol

    For most breeds 9 months is still a puppy. What people dont realise is the training classes are to train you. Use the crate to train it saves your house. Your dog wants to please you and gets frustrated when he dosent understand inside and outside.

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