Can you tell me some all natural ways to prevent fleas and ticks.
Also affordable
I was told a good raw diet would help but my dog can’t safely eat a raw diet.
All Natural= as in no medicine or chemicals


  1. Nedra E

    Why can’t your dog eat a raw diet? You should have explained that.
    A raw diet won’t protect against fleas and ticks.
    The main way I know of that’s natural is to treat the dog with food grade DE (diatamaceous earth).
    Another thing you can do is fill his bedding with cedar wood flakes that you can by bags of at Walmart or Tractor Supply Co. -!-

  2. Anora

    All dogs can and should eat a raw diet. I can vouch for the effectiveness of this very simply diet change in eliminating fleas and ticks and skeeters too.
    Im wondering why you feel your dog can not “safely” eat a raw diet. Dogs…..ALL dogs are carnivores and were designed to eat raw meat, raw bones and raw organ, this includes my Chinese Cresteds… friends goldens, the lab up the street and whatever your little one is. My own dogs have dental issues….several have very few teeth and all safely eat a raw diet.
    The above page has everything you need to know to learn about a raw diet. be sure to follow all the links to learn everything. Also, feel free to email me and I will help you privately if need be as well. You can join rawfeeding and rawchat, on yahoo groups to have the experience of over 15000 members at your fingertips.

  3. akitagrl

    Tea tree oil and neem oil are often used for that purpose. DE is usually for when a dog has fleas, ticks or worms. You can also use it in “tick tubes” to help rid your yard of deer ticks. I have heard from mulitple feeders that their raw dogs have a MUCH lower incidence of all types of parasites than their previous kibble fed dogs or their neighbors’ and relatives’ dogs, in addition to it’s multitude of other benefits.
    Just curious, why can’t your dog eat a raw diet?
    ADD: It might still be worth a shot to feed raw. I fed my auto-immune dog raw for about a month, after he had been on HUGE doses of pred and he did not have one problem. (We lost him for unrelated reasons) I would avoid ground raw as well as feeding “off” meat to an immune compromised dog though. There are dehydrated foods he can eat that are better than kibble, but you might need to pay more attention to his dental health on those and they can be pricey:…
    Good luck, I hope he recovers soon!

  4. doxie

    I don’t know of any natural product that gets rid of fleas and ticks. The reason for the commercial brands is that they are effective. I am all for feeding my dogs a natural diet, but I will not allow any fleas or ticks in my house.
    Edit: perhaps the pyrethrins in marigolds

  5. RachS200

    I don’t know of any ways to prevent them but if you do get them….
    a great all natural way to get rid of them is put salt on the animal. It sounds wierd I know but it really works. Or if you get them in carpet, sprinkle the salt all over the carpet. Hope that helps.

  6. Dalala

    I don’t know if this really works, but my mother(natural nut) swears by it. All you do is get a gallon jug and add around 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and then add a little water from the jug to the food bowl daily. Good luck!

  7. ghost

    You can buy drops to put between the shoulder blades that are natural. I think the main ingredient in them is citrus. Wal-mart sells it.

  8. Launi *If you SAY it, OWN it!*

    I don’t know of any. You may want to try looking up a holistic vet in your area.

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