We just got a new puppy and he is learning to become house trained okay, but i still don’t really trust him on the carpet. I was wondering if we took him to an hour long class once a week for 6 weeks it would help him at all. Those classes I think are mainly for socialization purposes, but the vet said our dog is very social already. Would classes make a differnce for him, not only with house training but with commands and such?


  1. ♥s my kitty

    yes I took my puppy to puppy class then when he graduated he took intermedite class.
    Now he can
    high five
    double high five
    leave it
    roll over
    put his paws on my arm on command
    and he is learning how to hide his eyes
    And there would be now I would have been able to teach him those tricks if I didnt take him to classes

  2. Bumblebe

    The classes will teach him commands and obedience with the trainer. That doesn’t mean that he will be more obedient to you. You should go to classes with a trainer that will help you learn how to maintain a position as his pack leader.
    There are also many good training videos on Youtube. Practicing these training techniques, coupled with watching ‘The Dog Whisperer’, which is on nearly daily now, will help build repor with your dog and build your dog handling skills. It’s free and takes several 5-10 minute training sessions a day.

  3. Bonnie L

    Doesn’t hurt to go to a puppy class, good for socialization and I’m sure that you’ll learn some things as well. Classes are good as long as you pay attention and train during the week, in between classes, otherwise they are a waste of money. Just be sure the class is put on by a reputable dog club/trainer. Do NOT go to any classes put on by Petco or PetsMart, they are a total waste of money. Having taught obedience in the past, I enrolled in one of their classes, just out of curiosity. Waste of time and money. I hear that the trainers get something like a two week course and that’s it.

  4. Susan M

    This sounds good for your puppy. It is for puppies and will help if you continue going to the next level. Your dog will be ready for it and you won’t waste time getting acclimated to being in a class with other dogs. If you and your pup enjoy it there are all kinds of fun training, like agility. It sounds like a good place to start.

  5. smileonm

    I think it could help. You don’t NEED to take him to a place you can train him yourself but i suggest watching the dog whisperer it’s really helpful our dog didn’t listen peed everywhere my dad read his book followed the advice and now our dog is like the perfect angel.

  6. Medea

    He will definately learn about commands, what they mean and why he should obey them at training classes! Command training is essential for all dogs.
    Toilet training, unless you hire a private trainer, must be done by the owner in the home, however.
    Happy huntings.

  7. domain

    Yes and it can help you train him on obedience when there are distractions around, for example: other dogs, strangers, etc. It’s so worth it and any other little detail can be taught in the process at home. Good luck!

  8. Morgan

    We took our dog to 3 sessions. She can sit, drop, roll, shake, hi five and more.
    You have to keep at it though.

  9. Miwa

    The classes are for commands, socialisation is just a benefit. Yes they will help you a lot.

  10. Quietgir

    it may work if your dog is a smart and quick learning dog. only one some dogs though.
    A Pre-teen

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