i bought a dog training clicker for my grandma, thinking that is might resolve the problem of her two yorkies fighting…. do you think it will work?


  1. meganmcg

    It depends on how you train the dog. Some people use the sound as a reward when the dog is behaving or does a trick right. Others, like me, use it as a naughty sound. When the dog does something bad, scold him/her and click the clicker loudly 3 or 4 times. Works both ways very well.

  2. MeLiSsA_…

    Dog clickers are all about association. When you reward a dog for doing something good (say, with a treat), you also immediately use the clicker. This causes the dog to associate the good feelings of receiving a treat, with the sounds of a clicker, thus the dog knows it has done something good when it hears the noise. The dogs will not know what your grandmother is doing if she just randomly starts clicking at them while they’re fighting. A clicker is a learned reward as a means of training, not a deterrent to fighting.

  3. Maltese Lover

    People don’t buy clickers because the dog likes or dislikes the sound..
    Clickers are used because the sound is distinctive and easily distinguishable. People associate it with a command, and a nice treat.
    It goes something like this:
    You tell the dog to SIT.. your dog sits.. you CLICK.. and then give him a treat.
    The dog comes to associate the CLICK with doing something right, and a tasty treat.
    A clicker will not automatically fix any dog’s problems without the proper training. It is only a training TOOL.

  4. yukidoma

    I’ve never heard of a training clicker used for that. Usually it’s used as a training aid. You spend some time clicking it and then giving a treat so that the dog associates it with a reward and you can use the clicker to train them to do things that might be hard to give a treat for immediately.
    How do you intend to use the clicker? I’m curious.

  5. Tiffany B

    I think you’ve got it backwards! Clickers are used by professional trainers in conjunction with treats to reinforce good behavior. I’m not saying the loud noise won’t work, but I doubt it’s a long term solution. If it doesn’t, try a spray bottle of water as soon as they start fighting (they hate it). If one or both of grandma’s dogs are unaltered, it might stop dominance related fighting to have them fixed.

  6. Crazy Cat Videos

    I don’t know about the dogs, but I think it is the most annoying sound around. I don’t use them or allow them in my training classes. If my students want to use them outside of class, more power to them. I would hate to be in a class of 10 to 12 students, all with clickers.

  7. hunterdo

    It isn’t there to be a treat it’s there to get attention THEN a treat.
    You could try to get them off each other, but don’t treat them as this’ll make them think fighting is right.

  8. Little Birdie.

    my dog does, because he’s learned that click=treat.
    not all do, and it doesn’t work for all owners. just try it out.

  9. Cat Lover. . .Meow!

    some do some dont
    just try it on them and see what happens
    if they get taught what it means they will obey it
    hope they stop fighting soon!

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