1. RoVale

    They don’t kill fleas but actually repel them. The flea collars help keep fleas away from the animal’s head and neck but there’s nothing to stop them from living on other areas of the body. Personally, I think they’re a waste of money and might actually be toxic to the animal.

  2. K9traine

    Not really. In my experience they are good at killing fleas on the animals neck near the flea collar but have very limited effectiveness anywhere else.
    I find the spot on treatments such as revolution, frontline or advantage to be much more effective. Make sure you are treating the environment as well, especially around where your pet sleeps and hangs out. If you don’t treat the environment then your kitten will keep getting fleas, they may only stay alive for a little while on her but that is long enough for them to lay eggs and bite a few times!
    Aso be aware that if you are letting your kitten outdoors or if you have other animals then kitty may be picking up fleas from these places as well.
    Good luck in getting flea free!

  3. Draco27

    I agree with K9trainer, I have found that the only effective way to combat the flea problem is with frontline. It worked on my cat, effectively, for about 2 1/2 months. She stays indoors so I can only assume that we brought them in from the lawn. Do not buy the cheap imitation stuff at the stores, especially the spot treatment knockoff advantage/frontline tubes. They won’t kill the fleas, if they don’t kill the animal first! Pay the extra money and go to a pet store or a vet to get the frontline or advantage, it’ll be worth it in the end! Good Luck!

  4. Unicornr

    I had always used flea collars, and when I moved here, carried on with them since I never had a cat have any bad reaction and they always worked. Then somehow, they stopped working.
    I just switched over to Frontline, and this month, to a brand called Accurate, which works well in killing fleas, ticks, mites and mosquitoes. I have had no problem since moving over….

  5. Alissha

    No, they’re pretty much useless and can actually cause extreme irritation in some animals around the neck.
    The most effective treatment for fleas or Frontline, Revolution, and Advantage. I’ve only ever personally used Revolution and Advantage and found that both worked well. Never use the knock of Hartz flea treatments, these are extremely dangerous and have killed many cats.

  6. lili4est

    When my cat was given to me he had a flee collar on, and when I took her to the vet I asked if they really work and he said no. That the most it will do is keep the flees off the collar. I use Frontline on my 2 cats once a month and that really works and it’s easy to apply…

  7. ~~hay-fe

    NO! did nothing AT ALL! on my dog!! there is this thing called “advantage” u can get them from ur vet depending on where u live (i live in New Zealand) just 2 dots on his neck and start of tail. works wonders!!!
    get it if ur pet has flea probles or if u dont have it in ur country try on the net.
    trust me!!!

  8. Lucylu L

    i have a tomcat and with the collar it didn’t work.after i tried some spray but no result.after i tried frontline and it worked believe me.the only simptoms to worry is that after some hours he/she will start skratching>that means it works

  9. Colleen

    I don’t think it helps 100% but it still does, maybe the time has to take place for the fleas to all be gone, bring your kitty to the doctor. peace<3

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