1. snoopy

    no, they live and dig into the animal and hibernate there for the winter. i suggest you use a flea creme whilst they do so, because they are at their weakest

  2. knowssig

    I think they die bc me and my husband had so many fleas in when we moved in to our new house from the other renter and we went to my moms house for like a week bc my dad went away for a job and we did not have time to put down anything for them so we left and it was during the winter it got really cold and when we came back none were to be found so we did not have to the bomb like we had planned to do.
    But just get a bomb it will be better i think.

  3. ღFëëZaღ

    Fleas don’t hibernate, the adult flea only lives for a couple of
    weeks. However flea eggs can lie dormant for long periods and only
    hatch out when conditions of moisture and heat are exactly right.
    Increased moisture in the fall and spring combined with warm weather
    will cause more to hatch. In winter time they will find the warmest place possible to lay their inside your home!
    The only flea treatment that is completely successful is one that
    breaks the cycle when the flea comes to the animal for a meal of
    blood… a requirement for breeding. Frontline, Advantage, Revolution,
    Program all work.

  4. judith r

    they lay eggs in the fall, so they will be back no matter what you do.vaccuum very well and put down flea powder just before spring, and you should kill them as they are hatching. Then get your pets treated. Don’t you know that fleas carry disease. they were what spread the bubonic plague throughout europe and asia. People who are irresponsible should not have pets. take them to a vet and get them healthy. There is no excuse for pets to be infested with fleas!

  5. ♥haggisb

    I’m not sure, but I once read thet they can lay their eggs which can lay dormant for up to 2 years just waiting for the right time to hatch, for example when a dog is near.

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