I’m moving from an apartment to a house, with one small indoor dog. He gets treated every month for fleas and heartworm, but is only outside for a small part of the day. I imagine he’ll be outside more often with a yard to run around in. Do I need to treat the yard for fleas, or his personal treatment enough?


  1. cruentus

    If your dog is being treated for fleas, the odds that you will need to treat your backyard are nill. Resort to spending the money on pest control only if you see signs of a pest problem. I’ve never had a dog get fleas while being treated via frontline/program/etc…

  2. Peyton

    Due to his being treated he is covered. That does not mean you are covered. Wait about a week or so and then go walking in your yard with knee high white socks (dont let your neighbors see lol). If you see fleas on your socks treat the yard. If you dont wait about a month and try again. If you go the whole summer with no fleas on you when you walk you are okay.
    Good luck

  3. Wordpress Autoblogging Software

    Assuming there isn’t an infestation, then your dogs treatment should do the job to keep the fleas at bay. In our yard, we actually don’t have fleas at all and don’t need to treat for them due to the yard. The dogs keep the neighborhood cats and wildlife out of the yard, which is what can often bring fleas in.

  4. Kate T.

    If it was me I would treat it anyway cause it is new and you just never know who was there before you or what dogs were there .congrats on the new house ,we just purchased one too . Movin in on the 16th !!!

  5. unhappy

    unless the yard is infested with fleas or ticks already it shouldn’t be a problem but if you start to see any fleas or ticks on your dog after you have been there for awhile then you should get rid them ASAP.

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