I saw this ad on e b a y on the front page selli ng
… dog potty training tinkle bells…
it’s a string of bells to train your dog to alert you to go potty outside. Has anyone used a system like this and do you think it works?


  1. 2Westies

    Yes it works, I hung a string of bells on my backdoor and my dog rings the bells when he needs to go outside. When I was house training him every time I took him out I’d ring the bells and say, outside.

  2. midas360

    Yes. It can work. My sister installed a doorbell on her backdoor at home and when her akitas want to go out, they simply ring the bell. The key to training them is to ring the bell every time you go out or come in the door. I think it is very clever and wish I had something on my door like it. My bigger dog is very quiet and is very subtle when he needs to go out, so some kind of signal would be nice.

  3. Kimberly B1971

    It works once the dog realizes to hit the bells if it needs to go out, its the same thing as dogs “telling” you they have to go outside by standing by the door only the bells can be heard. I have heard a lot of people say it works. I personally didn’t want bells hanging from my door and luckily my puppy goes to the door when he wants out and I just keep an eye out for that sign from him.

  4. renaeloc

    Yes it works. My dog is trained to ring a bell when she needs to go outside. I bought the type you would find on a hotel counter and placed it on the floor as I didn’t want her scratching the door. I bought it at Walmart for about 4 bucks.

  5. Susan B

    ROTFLMAO…it’s the HUMAN’S ***WORK*** at TRAINING!
    Not the stupid bell!
    IF you can & WILL get off your donkey…ANY bell will work.
    If you won’t,NOTHING will.

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