My dog is loosing his hair. I have had him to the vet because he suffers from allergies and he gets a shot every month. Now he has fleas, the itching is worse and I don’t want to drug him up. He’s a black lab.


  1. Dann R

    garlic: fleas hate garlic in the blood stream. feed them it in large quantity, and if you have a yard plant it everywhere it smells good when you mow too.

  2. ?

    I have been told (by local vets and other 4-leg-companions) that GARLIC CLOVES in thier food tends to emit an odor that tics cannot tolerate.
    I have yet to give my Great Dane any such additives. – I use the simple Tic drops and flea collar for him.

  3. cookie

    buy a flea shampoo at walmart wash 2 a week there is powder u can put in your carpet and vacum it up works great

  4. Eddie's Wife

    home remedy I know is a tsp of powdered brewers yeast in a can of wet food, it keeps the fleas off!!!

  5. judy_der

    Bathe him with dawn dishwashing soap, if you have fleas on your dog chances are you also have them in the house, you will have to bomb the house several times, also use advantage on him or bio spot, benadryl may also help, consult your vet for proper dosage for dogs weight, keep all bedding clean and spray with a flea spray that you can get from your vet, the vet may also want to put him on prednisone to see if that will help. You have to get control of the flea situation if you want the dog to get better, you can also buy stuff to put on your lawn that kills fleas, check with Walmart or Lowes, it is a granual like stuff that you spread on the lawn.

  6. casey_sa

    I use garlic tablets, and I use them year round, it may take a few weeks for this to help, you also need to treat your house. I have heard of a house treating method and if you can stand it it does work really well, I have never done it but a friend has, you take table salt,(and a lot of it!!) and coat your carpets, wall to wall and even under the furniture and you leave it sit for three days and then vacuum, and it will take a couple passes to get it all, but the salt literally fries the fleas and their eggs!!! But the garlic should help, and if you want to use a topical, advantage is the best. Good luck I hope your dogs starts to feel better.

  7. rhinestones

    first bathe the dog in a good flea and tick shampoo. and then if you want a natural one use garlic and brewers yeast. if your dog is anything like mine i tried apple cider vinegar in their dinking water and wala worked like a charm no problems what so ever. i live on ranch communitty with a lot of deers and coyotes and ever since i used the mixter. the dogs no longer have the flea and tick problem. now its us lol.

  8. countyga

    yes wash the pet in dawn dish soap it works. i use it for my dogs my cat and ferrets.. do not get them wet with water till after you soak them in dawn dish saop. it works the best and cheap toooo

  9. Mary S

    I have used debittered Yeast tablets for my Cats. I ge them at drugstores, wallmart etc. Can order them if they don t have it in stock without any extra charge. The powder is also usually in health food stores and also have gotten it there in the debittered form. You sprinkle it on any food. Start with it on the bottom of the dish with the food over it in case the the dog is put off by this. I put the pill in its food and they have been willing to eat it (but wouldn t with reg yeast – it is bitter) and plan to try it for my daughters dog… I assume it will be easier with dogs – because they tend to gulped there food down. It sounds like the suggestion of garlic if they will eat it would do the same thing. Both are healthy for both animals and Humans. Brewers yeast is high in vitamin B s. I ve always used it for preventive and my cat has never gotten fleas to know if it also worked after they have them. I ve been told that it creates a smell that fleas do not like. Although with a dog I assume it would take more of a dose to cover the same thing.
    Now that it already has fleas try orally and at the same time what the other person suggested with the powder on its body to help get rid of the ones that still maybe on the body and if eggs are laid and should also kill any that hatch before they can continue to bite.
    Besides the areas and things that dog has had exposure to. Fleas can live off the body for a period and reinfest the dog and any other animals humans with flea bites.
    The Vet may not know about this method or believe that it will work but you do want to check with him to make sure it doesn t any other problems with the Allergie medication he is giving the dog already taking. Even with people some foods and things like this effects medications and how they work.

  10. slickshi

    They say that garlic and brewers yeast will repel fleas but in my experience, Advantage from the vet’s is the only thing that is 100% effective

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