We’ve had a lot of dogs in my family. We’re about to get a new one. We’ve never been able to train our dog to walk without a lead, mainly because we’ve never trusted the dog to stay with us, so we haven’t had the courage to walk wihtout one. How do people generally train dogs to walk obediently?


  1. walking lady RIP Tom

    They need lots of socializing, really good obedience classes and they must first be 100% reliable on leash before you think about taking the leash off them. That means they respond to a recall each and every time no matter what the distractions.

  2. dansweaz

    Just remember that in many cities, you can get a ticket for not having your dog on a leash. It protects other animals and people, as well as your own dog from others.

  3. Boxer Lover

    My dogs are all voice command so you need to teach your dog to respond before you can have them off leash. I personally wouldn’t own a dog I had to walk on a leash. I’ve had my dogs in a dead run chasing something and can stop them dead in there tracks with my voice. Alot has to do with respect and a stern voice. Work with voice commands and reward.

  4. tnerb52

    I’ve trained for 25 years. Obedience, show ring, service dogs, law enforcement and military.
    Why take the chance of walking a dog without a lead?
    What advantage is gained except it looks really cool.
    You cannot plan or train for the unexpected. You can have an animal perfectly trained and all it takes is one sudden unexpected event to spook the dog for even an instant and invite disaster.
    I have a 10 year old golden that has been trained since he was 12 weeks old. He will obey voice and hand commands.
    He helps to train service dogs. He will walk for MILES at my side without hesitation. I use a lead with him on the street.
    He’s my friend and partner and I wouldn’t risk his safety (as well as violating the law) walking him off the lead.
    Granted, I use a lead more appropriate to a toy breed, but it gives stability and comfort to both of us. Like using seatbelts in a car. Not always needed but there when they are.
    What if another dog would run up aggressively, friendly or not.
    Your dog backs up 2 steps, goes into the street and is struck by a car.
    Not worth the risk. Train them well and save the offlead adventure to the dog park or rural areas.
    A well trained dog is a credit to the animal and to it’s owner.
    My dogs know exactly what is expected of them. They are happy, healthy and live long fulfilled lives.
    Train well, always remain consistent, never punish when training, and have patience. Good luck

  5. hunterdo

    I have 4 dogs, 3 Labs and a BC. When I take them for a walk, it is in an area where there is no traffic. It is a storm water retention pond area. It is only in those areas that they walk off lead. They all stay within voice range and come when called. All it takes is a sharp command to call them off of a squirrel chase. When in a high traffic area they all stay on lead.
    If you want them to have a bit of freedom when walking, get a Flexi-lead. That way they can roam a bit but are still connected.
    Don’t rush the off lead walking.

  6. firebobb

    Our 14 year old dog will wlak to heel without lead. We taught him by voice command and treats, keep a piece of cheese in your hand and give it to them when they respond to your command. They will sonn do it without having to keep the cheese in your hand.

  7. thoven11

    What’s wrong with keeping your dog on a lead? Personally, I hate it when I’m out walking and I see a loose dog, since my own dog is dog-aggressive. I have had my neighbor’s loose dogs run up to my double leashed dog, and ended up with very embarrassing dog fight on the sidewalk 🙁 The neighbor’s dog wanted to play, mine did not….
    Just saying that I think it is safer all around to keep everyone on their leashes, so that if need be, they can be contained 🙂

  8. John K

    i don’t advise it. most city’s you have to have your dog on a leash. i hate it when i am going for a walk and a dog is just walking free. it keeps you, your dogs and other animals more safe.

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