I have a six week old lab mix and a 2 year old beagle mix. Right now we are training the puppy on puppy pads until his next vaccination, and then we’ll start taking him outside. (We bottle fed him so he doesn’t have a great immune system since his mom died). I’m having some problems keeping his chewing in check, since every time I give him a puppy-appropriate chew toy, our older dog steals it from him and he turns to socks, the Christmas tree, the couch! Anyone have suggestions?


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    first of all make sure you put away all the socks any personal clothing that the puppy can easily swallow as he becomes bigger and older – because it will block his digested system.
    now, place newspapers on the kitchen floor, 15 minutes after the puppy is done eating or drinking water place the puppy of the top of the newspapers so he can relieve himself (now this is where your gonna have to be extra patient, because the puppy mostlikely is going to want to play with the newspaper – so you have to say “no” and “go pee or go poo”, until he goes then you’ll say “good boy”). after a week start placing the newspaper outside on the area where you want your dog to go. eventually you won’t need the newspaper.
    and as far as the toys, only bring the toys out for the dogs to play when you are around.
    good luck

  2. kat

    I would recommend positive training classes. Also, Petsmart has free Potty training classes. I would call and see when the next one is.

  3. *<3_Gizm

    first i would keep the puppy pads around but, theres no better time to start potty training him than now..start taking him outside at least 15-30 min after he eats or drinks if he hasn’t done that then i would say every hour..if he has an accident hopefully he does it on the pad..if you see him going to squat, pick him up and put him on the pad, unless you can get him outside quickly..you can teach the older dog what toys are his and not his..hes probably just jealous right now of the puppy thats why hes taking the toys..give the puppy a toy and if the big puppy tries to take it, take it away from him, give it back to the puppy and give the big puppy a different toy that he is allowed to play with..and its all about discipline..you can tell the puppy not to chew on the couch, you just have to be consistent

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