I think my cat may have a flea problem. He was a street kitty that I recently took in. I know that there are many pesticidal ways to remove fleas (like flea collars and Frontline) However, before I resort to possibly harmful chemicals, I was wondering if anyone had any alternate solutions. Also does anyone know of a way that I can treat my carpet and furiniture to ensure that there will be no little flea buggers hiding around my home?


  1. lizzy

    Frontline-plus is actually the safest thing for your cat, it does not absorb into the body like flea collars or Hartz drops do, it stays on the surface of the skin. Garlic is a so-called “natural” flea remedy, but it does NOT work, and garlic is also toxic to cats-causes a red blood cell deformity that prevents the cat from getting enough oxygen. Ditto with onions. You shouldn’t give garlic or onions to dogs either. Essential oils can cause severe irritation to a cat’s skin, and intestinal tract if groomed off. Either keep Frontline-plus on your cat for 4 straight months (which is the time it takes for the flea to complete its life cycle) or get an environmental spray from a veterinarian’s office or professional exterminator that knows you have a cat. They’re sensitive to so many things, you really need to follow a pro’s advice. We use Ectokyl brand spray, it is safe for babies to crawl on treated rugs once they are dry.
    Don’t take my word for it, call the vet.

  2. ♥rogue♥

    wash your buddy in dawn dish detergent this will kill fleas. take a cookie sheet and cover it in the dawn (no need for water) then lay it flat under a light (if you’ve got a desk lamp that would be great!) this will attract fleas and they jump into it and die! also try finding some organic sprays online or at the local walmart or petstores.

  3. jambutty

    garlic helps if added to their food, Pennyroyal is excellent and I love the smell. Just discovered another remedy the other night for my cat. Mixed a few drops of eucalyptus and lavender essential oils together and applied half a dropper to the back of her neck where you would normally apply Advantage . It’s been 3 days and I havn’t seen her scratching. Sprinkling Borax and regular vaccuuming helps.

  4. you're not sorry.

    flea collars don’t have “harmful Chemicals” at least not the ones we use. Also a “natural way” would be to pick them off of your cat and SQUISH em! actually if u see one just smash it.

  5. deb2rule

    There is no way to treat fleas without getting the stuff from the store. You will not hurt your kitten by using it if you use the stuff right. As for the carpet and furniture, get a furniture and carpet cleaner and try that.

  6. Barry

    Believe it or not, leave your television on 7 X 24. The gamma-gooble rays or what ever, kill them.

  7. DemonSla

    An excellent herb for flea control is penny royal , from the mint family dry and crush then sprinkle over carpets and cracks near base boards. For canines wash normally with herbal shampoo then apply a strong tea of penny royal leave on for 30 min. rinse. good luck and remember to wash infested dog and cat blankets.

  8. Wordpress Plugins

    i can’t think of the name of them but the leaves that the kolas eat sorry can’t think of the name but if you put them under the sofa ,chair i will get rid of them

  9. Bryer B

    Have you ever used essential oils?
    I know eucalyptus oil is good for fleas, and also some of the mints…
    Google it,
    and remember don’t apply the oil directly use a base oil to mix with it.
    Garlic and onions are good for fleas (but check about giving these to cats you may not be able to)

  10. Wordpress Plugins

    penny royal is a herb that fleas just detest. I have seen spray made out of it for home and animals, you can also grow it in pots in the house. I don’t know how effective it is though. If I really though I had a problem, I would set off a flea bomb.

  11. Geeta K

    The safest and cheapest method of getting rid of fleas is to use a mixture of boric acid and salt. The powder should be sprayed on carpets, bedding and areas frequented by pets. More information on getting rid of fleas is available at http://pests.in/fleas.html

  12. linda

    SALT, put table salt around the walls of the house inside. and under cousins. Flea’s can’t pass over salt as it will kill them. Use this when I lived in Fla. and has worked 100% of the time.

  13. Iboya

    When you set off a flea bomb you are bombing your entire living area. Curtains, walls, carpet, dishes, pots, pans, food containers, clothes in and out of your dresser or closet. You will never get rid of the posion…ever…unless you move! Think of that the next time you move into a new place. It is BOMB! and it does not get them all. Garlic and onions kill dogs and cats! Period. Cats are more sensative to essential oils and I almost killed my cat reading sites like this. Borax is not as tame as people make out. Diatamatious earth in carpet? Think of each time you vacuum. You will breath the stuff for years. I have asthma, near killed me to use that stuff. They tell you it’s fine. You want expert opinion…talk to an expert. This is no better than a chat line. If you can’t control free walking animlas like cats and dogs, get gold fish.

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