I am concerned about how the collor works. They say it is not a shock collar but don’t explain how it works. I don’t want to cause my dog pain. Has anyone used it?


  1. HUSKY

    I read some answers about this question in another post, and some people said that they don’t think Don Sullivan’s technique is a positive way. I don’t know if this is true or not because I’ve only seen the commercial.
    But this is how I feel about this.
    I think Don uses techniques of teaching dogs that are very similar from how mother dogs teaches their puppies, or how wolves command their pack.
    Yes, maybe its not all positive, but just as long as its not torture I would like to try this product myself.
    Mother dogs uses some forceful and punishing techniques and so do wolf pack. The leader of wolf packs use don’t only use positive ways of keeping his pack under control, so why should humans ONLY use positive.
    I think if we teach our dogs the way mother dogs teach their puppies or how wolf leaders control their pack, it will be very successful. Again, wolf leaders dont torture their pack members, but they do use some forced ways of controlling their pack.
    That’s why wolf pack are so obedient of the leader. So why shouldn’t humans teach their dog the same way. its not torture, its the same way dogs teach dogs.
    to answer your collar question:
    I think its a pinch collar from what i’ve heard. And again, mother dogs would bite on to their puppies to teach them, I think this is totally fine because this is how dogs teach dogs too.
    But shock collars aren’t how dogs teach dogs, so I oppose the shock collar strongly.
    basically, I would teach my dog, like how a wolf leader would control his pack. And in the wild, dogs/wolves NEVER EVER teach by rewarding food.
    Like in the commercial said, teaching your dog with food reward could make it only love your for food. Thats not how wolves do it. Wolves obey because of respect for their leader, NOT for the food.

  2. marci knows best

    It appears to be a plastic pinch collar from the pictures. They are mildly uncomfortable, but should only be used on a dog who pulls on lead badly. I used one on a foster dog who was nearly impossible to take for walks at the suggestion of my trainer. It really helped him understand what he was doing wrong. It is absolutely not needed for most dogs, and should be a last resort.

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