I am training a 5 mo. pitbull, even though he does not pull when I am walking I was told that this was something good to have?


  1. Ingrid H

    The Illusion collar is just a nylon slip collar that is held up in the proper position (just behind the ears, high on the neck) by the use of a contraption made of stiff stays and nylon webbing. Many people who do not know what they are doing or have not seen other options might find the $39.95 collar to be an attractive option.
    The problem with most slip collars is that the collar must be large enough to go over the dog’s head and the dog’s neck is a smaller diameter than its head. If a regular slip collar will fit over your dog’s head, it will also lay too low on the dog’s neck and be out of the proper position.
    For $12.50 you could have this nylon slip collar in 1″ increments that fastens around your dog’s neck and stays where it belongs: http://leerburg.com/746.htm provided you order the right size!
    I’m not a big fan of choke chains, but they are also slip collars. I learned from an Army military war dog trainer that once a choke chain is on your dog, you can take up the slack and put a key chain ring through the chain to keep it from going slack again. Of course the key chain ring must be of a larger diameter than the rings on the chain. I already had a choke chain and the key ring was free from my hardware store.
    Personally, I feel that a 5 month old puppy is a bit too young for training collars of any sort and should still be on a flat collar at all times. Wait a few more months before introducing training collars to your puppy, OK? The Illusion collar page says to wait until the puppy is one year of age, but under certain conditions, I think 8 months is fine.
    Have you looked into prong collars for later? They look mean, but are actually more humane than slip collars.

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