We had a pest control service spray our home and yard about a month ago, but now we’re getting fleas again.
Can’t permanently get rid of the fleas on our two dogs which stay outside always.Have tried those drops you put on their backs. We bought that at HEB.
Please recommend some good products for flea removal.
I’m tired of getting bit!


  1. sarah

    Ugh – fleas are tough little buggers!
    Before you deal with your dog, the most important part is going to be treating your house, since you’re obviously dealing with a serious infestation. The problem with fleas as that they can stay in the pupae life stage for 50 days, in which case nothing short of radiation can kill them. However, heat and vibration causes them to hatch, where they CAN be killed. That is best done with a vaccuum cleaner. Vaccuuming your house every other day (including furniture, under furniture, carpeting and wood, drapes, etc) with flea powder in the vaccuum bag will help hatch and kill the flea pupae, as well as the adults and eggs.
    NOW lets talk about the boys and flea products.
    1. flea collars are great for the neck area, but not much else.
    2. Dips are great until your pet hits the floor, where it will be reinfested.
    3. Try eating garlic and see if the fleas stay off you… then you’ll know it won’t work on your dog. Plus, garlic causes kidney failure in dogs.
    4. Grocery store brands are not regulated, and have been known to kill the flea, tick, and the pet. http://www.hartzvictims.org can tell you all about it.
    5. Veterinary brands NOT from your veterinarian can be subject to either compromised product (exposed to extreme temperature, etc) or just straight-up fakes. Frontline Plus has a serious problem with this. This includes Petmeds, PetRX, etc. You need a veterinary license to purchase the real thing from the destributor.
    Now the good stuff:
    1. Frontline Plus – 30 days of flea/tick control, safe, and includes “flea birth-control” to kill the flea eggs as well as adults and larvae.
    2. Vectra 3D is almost identicle to Frontline Plus, but is newer to the market.
    3. Promeris – Very strong, great on ticks. Kills fleas fast, but is known to cause reactions including 24-hr long lethargy/vomiting. Not common, but it happens, esp with smaller dogs.
    4. Advantage – Has a flea repellant (unlike the rest). Great, unless they are repelling in to your house. Given no other option, the flea will take a blood meal on a human rather than dying. Causes similiar reactions as Promeris.
    5. Sentinel – Oral, rather than topical. Is not generally known for success in eliminating infestations, but works well for control, and is paired with a heartworm preventative.
    In any event, any product you use will need to be used for 3 months without lapsing in order to properly remove all lifestages from the enviroment.

  2. Deb C

    Contact your vet for products like frontline, advantage or revolution. All are topical products for the pet. Most of what you can buy at the local retail store probably wont get the job done and are usually not quite as safe for your pet and other occupants of your home. If your flea problem is significant and it sounds as if it is the pest control company should spray again 1 month after the first treatment.

  3. Increase My Vertical

    Go buy frontline from a vets office. You have to religiously put it on every 30 days. It will get rid of the fleas on your dogs. Don’t try any of the crap that is sold at stores. It is crap. As far as your house and yard…. My vet has a treatment for the yard that kills fleas it works pretty well, it does however take a couple of days to work. For your house you are going to have to clean every cloth surface all at once. Curtains, bedding, carpets, and furniture.

  4. Cheryl C

    well fleas are probably in your house too maybe your car who knows EVERYWHERE you gotta clean EVERYTHING at the SAME TIME dogs humans and everywhere you all are

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