I have a 2 1/2 y/o male lab that needs basic training and mainly for his aggression to strangers. He is so high energy and cant seem to sit still unless he has a muzzle on. Can anyone suggest a good affordable training facility for my dog?


  1. bully4me

    Contact: http://www.koehlerdogtraining.com
    Their kennel is located in Northern California, but they may be able to recommend a Koehler trainer in your area. This method was established before Cesar Milan was even born. They would not be in continuous operation over FIFTY years if they weren’t doing something right. Good luck.

  2. Pawsitive Thinking

    Check out this website:http://www.apdt.com/
    They have great trainers and behaviorists that are usually well informed It sounds as if you may need a behaviorist to help change his fear. Careful, not all trainers are behaviorists.
    How much exercise does you dog get. Labs usually need about 2 hours of running a day. Run on the beach, with other dogs etc. There is some suggestion that not enough physical activity can create a chemical in the dogs Brain that makes them go a bit bonkers (not a scientific term but descriptive).
    Is he neutered?
    There are some great behaviorist and trainers in Seattle. Check this site for local folks:http://www.apdt.com/po/ts/default.aspx
    Good luck

  3. Rochelle T

    I would suggest you contact Cesar Milan, in California.
    Although he is there, he can help.
    He may also suggest someone who lives in your area, if you cannot or he cannot see you.
    it does help, as stated, to know where you are.
    but in the meantime, I have 2 suggestions:
    exercise: walk 45 minutes to an hour daily, master the walk.
    to master the walk, visit cesar milan’s website for tips, and this will help you immensley!
    to master the walk, do the following: (besides visiting his website)
    *use an appropriate collar, such as a choker chain, gentle leader, the Illusion Collar by Cesar Milan or any other training collar approved for walking and training. make sure you know how to use them. ask a sales person to show you, if you are not sure.
    *for choker chains and some leads, be sure the lead or choker is behind the ears, this is a very sensitive area, and when lead properly, the dog will respond with very little touch. **Just imagine the way they walk dogs in a show ring, that is how it should be done.
    *the dog should walk beside or behind, never in front. the front is for leaders, and this is what you must be, when handling your dog.
    **while walking your dog, do not allow him to sniff every dog, tree, bush or fire hydrant that he comes across. allow him to poop or pee, but not stop for anything else.
    *he needs a good workout daily, and this will make him and YOU happy.
    **this will drain his energy, and make it easier for you to handle him.
    *he needs you to set rules, boundaries and limitations. exercise, discipline and affection should be given in that order.
    **contact petco: obedience training.
    they may also be able to help you.
    good luck! I hope things work out for you!

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