1. trannybo

    Manitoba is a very large place. Check your local yellow pages or vet for better info. Call your SPCA or humane society the often run classes.

  2. Sharon

    I have to say that this is something I have donwe for 16 years. I professionally Groom and Board here in Chandler, Arizona. I also raise gorgeous AKC Yorkshire Terriers since 1992. The advise I can offer you, is try to find something that somebody loves to do. Preferably out of there home. I say that because, it is traumatic for a dog to go from your home to a kennel with cages, concrete and lots of barking dogs. Here with us, I take in 1-3 animals at a time, this ensures they are receiving dynamite care! Just google home care in your region and good luck! Blessings, sharon

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