*NOTE* I’m looking for an affordable and reputiable product. I’m trying to train my begal on when and when not to bark, also prevent him from peeing in the house. I have researched at a lot of different alterantitves and this is one avenue I would like more information on. Please focus your responses on how to obtain or use this form of behavioral training, and as always serious responses only. Thanks in advance.


  1. Eve

    I have a very loud Pomeranian that we have been trying to train for 3 years not to bark at everything. We couldn’t even take her to the park or for rides because she would bark all the time.
    We bought the PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Bark Control Collar on EBay for $50 (they sell it at the store for $10-$120). The collar has changed our lives. It starts with a very mild tickle that increases only if the dog continues to bark and it stops automatically to protect the dog if she keeps barking after 15 seconds.
    She only “tried” the collar twice, literally the first 2 days and she was “cured”. She didn’t cry or anything, just scratched her neck and stopped barking. She has the collar on all the time but she doesn’t bark like crazy anymore and the collar has not been triggered since day 2 (it’s been over a month now). She has a quieter bark now and only barks maybe once (she needs to bark more than once to get the collar to work).
    My husband jokes saying that she is a “born again dog” after all these years trying this is the best thing that happened to us. We go to the park almost everyday now and she no only doesn’t bark but she behaves better, she doesn’t try to run after other dogs like a maniac and stays by our side without pulling her leash.
    I think her quality of life has improved thanks to the collar because we do a lot more things together now.

  2. Ben h and Lisa

    hey!!! I know my husband is an expert on this dog training coon-hounds as well as beagles. He loves it! He does not get home from work for 1 and a half hrs. please, save best answer until we can come back and answer this for you???? I don’t agree with them, but I’ve seen first hand how they work with these dogs. He has proven me wrong! L. you should try tritronics field 70.about 300 dollars but well worth it. It is the best i have ever used. it has 5 different levels so you can use it to train for many different things.i dont know what the exact name of their web site,but im sure if you just try tri tronics under your search it will help.

  3. justmein

    Please do not use a shock collar on your beagle! Those things are just plain nasty and are not recommended by most reputable trainers. Or the ASPCA

  4. frestall

    I wouldn’t recommend a shock collar. Spend some time with your dog and a choke chain, just as easy and more reliable.

  5. rustybon

    This is NOT the way to “train” anything! YOU need to learn proper training methods.
    How do you think a shock collar is going to teach your beagle (correctly spelled) not to wet in the house? It needs to be taken outdoors, frequently, in order to learn that, that’s the proper place to go.
    As for the barking, try a muzzle. I don’t know what kind of “extensive research” you’ve done, but obviously it wasn’t the right kind!
    You need help! I feel very sorry for your poor dog!

  6. eehco

    I am begging you to please not use a shock collar on your beagle. They are such sweet dogs and that is torture. I salute you on being responsible with your pet and train him but, use a professional trainer instead.

  7. mark's upset

    Don’t get a shock.Talk to your vet.On peeing try a crate and you have to spend some time When they pee inside tell no in a firm voice,then take the dog out and when they pee PRAISE SAYING GOOD BOY/GIRL YOUR THEIR NAME This will take about a week or so but they will get the hang of it.Your Mom and Dad took time with you to get you potty trained The barking is another story Beagles are Known to be YAPPERS

  8. Humvee Parts

    plz dnt use a shock collar. i feel bad for ur beagle. i used to have one. i didnt use a ashock collar on him tho. if u rlly love ur beagle u wnt use that nasty shock collar on him.

  9. dogs4life

    a shock collar? that is sooo cruel bloody hell what sort of people are you i mean did your parents shock you every time you screamed/cried as a baby? no! most likely not so dont do it to your poor dog you just have to find an alternative way try reading: Jan Fennell, the dog listener and/or the practical dog listener.

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