I planned to go to Triple Crown but you have to go through like three steps to get to the K9 training. I have some experience already, do they count that?? Also this is geared toward after I complete police officer training…


  1. novak-9

    If you are a police officer in larger department, they should have K-9 unit with trainers and helpers. In most cases, you have to be an officers at least 3 years in good standing to be a SOD member.(Special Operation Division. K-9 is part of it)
    Believe it or not, sport dog experiences won’t help you pass the interview. As you know Schutzhund training is very different than K-9. Most K-9 unit will looking for clear head person who can make right decisions in stress situations. If they think you are the right person, than they will pick you with/without experiences.
    Once you are in, the department will pull you out of streets, and send you to training school with your new green dog. They will teach you everything from how to take care of dog, legal issues, and actual handling of the dog. They will teach you and your dog at the same time. So beginner can be a good handler.
    If you like to work with a dog, and trying to learn basic fundamental of dog training, than you can join Schutzhund clubs in your area. (there are DVG and United Schutzhund Clubs of America. Go google those two mother clubs) You won’t loose anything. Good luck

  2. mustangl

    If you are becoming a police officer, many have their own training for K9 officers. You may want to clarify that before you pay for your own training.

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