Their mother doesnt have fleas…but they do, its wierd, but we wont be able to give them away until we get rid of their fleas.


  1. treenotw

    I had the same problem,and the vet told me to give them a bath with baby shampoo…and it worked!But I would still call a vet to see if they say thats a good idea…just,if ya do give them a bath,keep them warm and dry them reall good.

  2. girl who needs help

    Feline Flea Proofing
    Add to the food for each adult cat:
    1/2 level teaspoon brewer’s yeast
    1/4 level teaspoon garlic powder
    Flea Destroyer
    Set up a plate of sudsy water with a light hovering over it. The fleas are attracted to this and drown themselves.
    Flea Repellent (for cats)
    1/8 teaspoon tamari soy sauce
    1 crushed whole clove
    1/8 teaspoon water
    1 fresh garlic clove
    Marinate the garlic in the liquid for about 10 minutes and then remove it.
    Add 1/16 teaspoon soy liquid to each 1/2 cup cat food. Use this repellent immediately.
    Flea Repellent Pillows
    These pillows are for dogs.
    Source: Glen Brook Farms Herbs and Such
    2 parts pennyroyal
    1 part thyme
    1 part wormwood
    Herbs may be cut or whole; construct a pillow for your pet to sleep on and then stuff it with the pennyroyal, thyme, wormwood. This makes a nice gift for those favorite dogs in your life. These herbs help to repel fleas naturally and without harsh chemicals.
    Flea Repellent Sleep Pillows
    For cats
    2 parts sage or rosemary
    1 part catnip
    1 part chamomile
    For dogs
    2 parts pennyroyal
    1 part thyme
    1 part wormwood
    Herbs may be used cut or whole. Mix enough to stuff a 2-foot square pillow for a cat or a 3-foot square (or larger) pillow for a dog. Sew the pillowcase out of a tough, washable fabric such as denim.
    Herbal Flea Powder
    Use herbs in powdered form only.
    2 ounces pennyroyal (use sage or rosemary for cats)
    1 ounce rosemary
    1 ounce wormwood
    1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
    Mix and store in a covered container. Use as often as any flea powder and rub into skin.
    Herbal Flea Powder
    1 part eucalyptus powder
    1 part pennyroyal powder (use sage or rosemary for cats)
    1 part fennel powder
    1 part yellow dock powder
    Combine all ingredients in a shaker top jar and shake to mix.
    Apply to your pet’s fur by brushing backward with your hand or comb and sprinkling the powder into the roots of the hairs. Concentrate on the neck, back, and belly. Use just enough to add a little odor to the hairs.
    For severe flea infestations, treat daily; otherwise, use two or three times a week.…

  3. Thummer

    Well there are NO medicine that you can put on then that young. So what I just tell you is to pick them off when you are holding her and comb and comb until they are old enoung to get the flea medicine.

  4. rubytoos

    First of all, the kittens are very delicate under 6 weeks, so don’t give them your typical flea bath, it does have toxins in it and could harm them. It is difficult to handle fleas on very young kittens, so I recommend that you call a shelter and ask for their advice on your specific kittens at their age. Also, the mother most likely does have fleas, but you just can’t see them.
    One more thing, kittens will not be ready for new homes until they are at least 8 weeks old – more than two weeks after their mother weans them. Many people don’t recommend taking them away from their mother until 10-12 weeks. You can call your local shelter or veterinarian to verify this.

  5. paradali

    Try Advantage. I don’t know if they sell it at stores, but you might have to get it from a vet. It works really good, though!

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