1. LiaChien

    It is SO great that you want to do agility with your dog!
    I suggest you look in to getting a Junior Handler card from the AKC if your dog is at least a purebred.
    Here is some more information on that program:……
    Otherwise you can look in to teen handling with the USDAA or NADAC agility clubs.
    Here are the Clean Run listings for clubs in the Virginia area:…
    Here is a great club I would highly recommend in Arlington:…
    Or, in Loudoun:
    I CANNOT suggest and I strongly suggest against going with Capital Canines in Arlington…these are bad, bad people.
    Good luck and have fun!!!!!

  2. Jared T

    Winnie, it depends on the facility if they allow minors to train their own dogs. The club I belong to has a junior handlers class for obedience. It is for 8 to 13 y/o’s. As long as they can control their dog, they can enroll and attend the class.
    We also have several young folks in our agility classes. One girl is training her sheltie and she is 12 or so.
    If noone allowed kids to train/attend classes where would the next generation of dog sport enthusiasts come from?

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