Dogs are the best friend of everybody. It is loyal and obliging. However, you will need to train the dog carefully before it is able to be your best friend. In fact dogs are brilliant and can be tough. Only when you train your family pet, getting him to stay put in a place is important. It will be very frustrating to have your guest being uncomfortable when your dog is pouncing or jumping around. Conversation is impossible when you have to search for your dog continuously in the park because it just does not stay in one place. By giving this instruction, this instruction, you already have the dog sitting obediently in one place.


  1. Nancy M

    Actually this isn’t a question at all but a sort of rant in some attempt to discuss obedience training. I think you are very much in need of more experience in actually training dogs before you make such an attempt. Your ‘question’ is false on face ad dogs are not the ‘best friend of everyone’. Many can be loyal and obliging but many can be quite the opposite. I agree that they do need to be trained and have been training dogs and people to train dogs for many decades. I am assuming you meant that ‘dogs are brilliant and can be taught’ instead of ‘tough’ – they can actually be both and/or neither. Like any animal, they are individuals and have individual characteristics and capabilities – many are not ‘brilliant’ at all and are quite difficult to teach and can have difficulty retaining, much like people 🙂 Anyone ignorant enough to let their dog off lead at a park when the dog will need to be ‘searched’ for likely hasn’t got much going in the way of the art of conversation anyway. Your post makes little or no sense whatsoever.

  2. Jotrw

    dog training is really efficient if the owner puts as much effort in as they would expect the dog too.
    my german shepherd went obidience training and to be honest he still has his moments but he is a lot better.
    training can vary on costs depending where you go.
    i live in Rugby, and took my dog to the training that is held at dunsmore kennels on the A45. it cost £10 a week there.

  3. kirstieee :)

    I don’t believe you want your dog sitting in one place all of the time. If that’s all you want, I feel sorry for your dog. Also, to have your dog achieve this task for you, as you are the master, it could be quite costly.

  4. sarah

    it depends in the
    time (date of the training and how it will last)
    age of the dog
    where do you live for and where the trainor lives remember the taxi fare is counted
    and others

  5. Stephen

    Nancy M… are a very smug person, you twit! Anway, to answer your question…there isnt one! LOL, you will need at call around your area and ask.

  6. lesliebo

    I recommend you visit the website I went to when my dog had behavioral issues a while back. It transformed my dog’s behavior. Good Luck!

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