My puppy will drop for a piece of food only when i put my hand down in front of him. How can i advance this command to only voice. He is scratching the crap out of my hand and arm for the treat. He understands sit on command but wont drop by voice.


  1. schnauze

    For some dogs the drop command takes a long time to actually learn and if you keep persevering he will eventually learn.the best way to teach dogs or pups command as this is NOT a trick but an Obedience command is enrol in a good Obedience class in your area dn they will teach you how to train not just the puppy but you.You should never give the dog a treat until he has completed the exercise correctly and then say Good dog and give the treat and he should not be grabbing it out of your hand this is a bad habit and very hard to get rid of if you allow him to persist in doing this.l do Obedience training and we use different methods according to what we are comfortable with so rewarding for good behaviour is fine but not a grab of your hand by your dog.

  2. tess

    try placing your hand on his back and press down as you give the command, hold the treat so he can see it but can’t reach it in front of him, just hold enough pressure to keep him in place so hes not jumping up and at you..its best to start in the sitting position and work him down. If he jumps up out of the sit command hide the treat until he sits again, then continue with the down command.
    That was probably one of the easiest commands to teach along with the sit command, but when it comes to the roll over command O’boy they kind of think they need to roll over all the time when you give the down
    Just keep working with him on it he will get it eventually

  3. Bassic guitarist

    just keep doing it, the exact same thing happened to my pup and he learnt after a week and a bit, it’s a very hard trickl to learn

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