My little chihuahua barks at everything and its really starting to annoy me.i recently watched an “its me or the dog” and she used wot looked like an aerosol can with jst air in it, does any1 have any idea wot these are called and where to buy 1 from??? HEEELPPP!! please


  1. Aphrodite *Dobe uses a PRONG

    That Victoria chick from that show is a complete moron.
    She is all about positive reinforcement and nothing else. If that lady ever had a REAL problem dog, she would have no idea what to do!
    I mean how the hell is spraying air in a dog’s face going to do anything but annoy it?
    Your dog needs corrections no matter how small it is – just don’t use too much force lol.
    Keep him on his collar and leash while he’s inside – when he goes barking at nothing, tell him NO firmly and then if that doesn’t work give him a “pop” with the leash. Also give him a comman to follow as well – tell him to sit and make him concentrate on your commands as opposed to the nothing he’s barking at.
    Another alternative is one of those barking collars that sprays citrus when they bark. Worked on my sister’s Yorkie – the dog stops barking as soon as she shows her the collar.

  2. Troll Police Dogs

    We used a squirt gun or bottle with water, and that did the trick. But you need to make sure the dog gets plenty of exercise. That means running this dog daily, and maybe 2-3 times a day.
    Anyway, Sammy is our only dog that didn’t respond to other types of training, and this was a last resort. We were going to go to zap collars after this. Many have assumed we were lazy, until I told them we had four other dogs we trained with no problems.
    “wot””any1” Ok, to be taken seriously, spell things correctly. Seriously. When people don’t put forth effort into spelling things correctly, it makes other people think you are lazy.

  3. UHave2Be

    Problem one is watching the dominatrix/actress on that animal planet show and doing anything she suggests.
    Either employ real training methods to the dog that includes real corrections OR have the bark softening procedure done. It takes 15 minutes at the vets and leaves the dog with a much quieter bark.

  4. JL

    It’s in a dog’s nature to bark. They enjoy barking, and they bark for many reasons. They will bark when they want something, when they are playing, when they are establishing their territory, when they are frightened, when they are annoyed, and when they are just saying “Hi!” Too much barking, however, can drive a dog’s family–and their neighbors–crazy!
    Click the link below for more information.
    Thank you!

  5. Tiffany

    they sell them in the computer section. they’re used for cleaning your computer key board. just do not shake them, or hold them upside down. i bet you could find them at Wal Mart. a spray bottle full of water may work also in the meantime.

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