I have a Cocker Spaniel and a Daschund Mix together. Its about 4 years in human years… and he is a good dog. But I need help teaching him how to sit calmy, sit, lay down and etc… And every time I walk him, he is always racing… he will not walk.. he will pull and tug the leash..
I need help on training my dog onto being a good family dog, We got new infants in the apartment and Im not sure if hes going to scare the infants and bite them. I want espically him to learn how to Sit calmy and not run around the house. I tried like feeding him treats which bought from Pets Mart and i give him a treat when he does the correct thing I do…
Will appreciate if my question gets answered.


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    i use to work at a petsmart and i work at a county shelter so i know all about dogs pullin and tuggin. your hearts in the right place with the treats… BUT sometimes people dont know when is the best time to give them and what not. try lessons @ a petsmart they do training w treats and their usuallllly pretty good. plus….. its a cocker! bit crazy breed and daschund are too. they just happy to be around people and running around. So GOOD LUCK!

  2. erinsuzy

    If you can, enroll him into a training class at PetSmart or another pet store.
    If he pulls a lot while walking, the Gentle Leader or Halti are great devices. They work like a halter on a horse, they lead your dog by the nose instead of by the neck. That way, correction is easier and the pull is not so hard on you or the dog. Talk to someone at the pet store about fitting him for one. You need to exercise him if you want him to be calm. It sounds like he has too much energy. If you can’t walk him for at least one hour every day, find someone who can, you may have to pay a small fee, but its worth the cost to have a calm dog.
    Ask the trainer at the pet store to show you how to teach some of the commands at home, using the lure method. It sounds like you are trying to work with him, just keep it up. If you have infants and are scared to have the pup around them, then keep them apart until you know he will follow your commands.

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