I have a couple dog training questions.
We just adopted our dog. She is six months old.
And we are working on obedience training.
We are following all the tips we can from the many websites I’ve read.
1. Our dog listens really well when we use hand signals. How do we get her to listen to just the words? Or will that just come?
2. Is there a method to get her to listen when distracted?


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    1. If she listens with hand signals, then begin to use the words along with the hand signals. After some consistent repetition, she should be able to associate the words with the hand signals.
    2. The only way to get her to listen when distracted is to practice in progressively more distracting situations. If you only practice at home when things are perfect, she’ll only listen when things are perfect. Practice introducing distractions into your training routine. Get a friend to help.

  2. Nancy M

    Websites and internet advise will not teach you to properly train the dog. Dog’s primary ‘language’ is body so she will ‘listen’ to your body regardless of what you say. If you want to add verbal cues, fine – it is like training anything else – it simply takes consistency and redundancy and reward for obeying. The only way she will generalize any training and obey you (not just listen to you) when there are distractions around and in any and all environments, is to train her consistently to obey you in numerous distracting situations. The ‘method’ is to locate a good motivational obedience class/ instructor and learn how to properly interact with and train your dog. Good luck and congratulations.

  3. Lioness

    Use hand signals with words and she will learn what words correlate with what signals eventually you’ll be able to use one or the other with the same results…as long as you reward the same for both.
    A good training collar can help to “snap dogs back to reality” when confronted with distractions….also, teaching the “leave it” and “watch me” commands and rewarding profusely for a good watch with distractions is very helpful. When a dog is distracted and not doing what you want them to do, one of the best things you can do is give her a command letting her know what you DO want her to do. It is very hard for a dog who really wants to focus on something else if you only use a simple “leave it” command…..however, if you tell them to “leave it” and then “watch me”, or sit, heel, down, whatever….they can refocus their energy on what you told them to do. Initially they will not want to refocus on you, but if you give some well timed corrections and rewards, you can win the battle.
    I used an e-collar for recalls with my dog because he was a really bad runner when I got him. Now, I can call him off the chase of a rabbit with my voice. He knows there is a correction waiting for him if he doesn’t do as he’s told, and LOTS of praise if he does.

  4. Joey Crawford is love

    When you give her the hand signal also say the voice command. She will catch on with practice. There is a method you can use to get her to listen when distracted. Make a sharp noice like, “AHH” and walk away from the distracting situation. She will soon ignore the distractions. Also you can use the “watch me” command. I dont want to type it all out so I will find a youtube video on it. = ) http://youtube.com/watch?v=M1hEni4M_oI
    How to teach your dog this: http://ezinearticles.com/?Watch-Me—A-B…
    Also, you should try clicker training~ but the command does not have to be done using a clicker. Just say, “good” and give her a treat.

  5. Courtney

    You can do the words and hand signals at the same time, until she gets used to what hand signals mean what words, eventually you can cut the signals out if you like.
    Use a sharp sound, like “AAAANT” that captures her attention. Don’t use it too often, or she will get used to it, and not react as much.

  6. Dog Pro

    Yes, there are methods to get her to listen. They cannot be explained on Yahoo Answers. They are hands-on.
    Who the heck wrote the websites you’re reading, and how do you know if they know what they’re talking about?
    Please go to a professional experienced dog trainer.

  7. Brown Eyed Girl

    For example if you are teaching her sit command, say “Sit” once and get a little treat (i.e smacko piece, cat biccie, cheese, ham ect.) then put the treat up to her nose and get higher and higher behind her with heer nose following it then when she sits reward and say yes.
    Some dogs wont work 4 treats, try a squeaky toy, that will also keep her attention,

  8. cfoster0

    If you ever heard of the ‘Dog Whisperer’ with Cesar Millan, his dog training methods are the best. He teaches the dog to listen and to show who is boss. He has DVDs and books to learn from. http://www.cesarmillaninc.com/
    Anyway, check out his website and hopefully you will get your dog trained in no time. Just remember, you are the boss not your dog.

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