Casey is two. I adopted her from the Humane Society. She had no training so we’re working on stuff. She anticipates a treat and sits before I tell her to. Should I do something else? Also, she has a gazillion toys yet chooses to dig my underwear out of the hamper to play with. Do I just shut the door to the laundry or can I train her it’s bad and how?


  1. ღDr.Muffin KungFuMastaaa™ ღ

    Hi there,
    First thing first keep her from your laundry basket and if she steals your panties like my Champ scold her with a firm voice shaking your panties and say “No Panties…No Panties” I am being serious but LMAO at the same time 🙂 My sister in law’s dog had 3 surgeries (2 for eating her panties and once for eating a bamboo skewer) . To say the least after $5,000 in surgeries she keeps her panties locked away – either that or she stopped wearing them… ewwweeee
    Also, As for the sitting tell her she is a good girl for sitting and reward her with affection only. Then ask her to lay down or ask her to give you her paw and reward her with a treat.
    Funny story – my friend’s old dog would sit – lay down -and roll over the second she saw my friend grab a treat & she would continue to do it until she was given her treat. It was hysterical 🙂
    Sometimes our dogs are well mannered and enjoy sitting at attention. She maybe asking for another job to do 😉
    Good luck.

  2. ♥Animal and Cat / Kitten Lover♥

    I use my voice as a last resort so it is very good that she can read your body language.
    Continue doing what your doing, its working!
    But don’t over use treats.
    She likes the smell of you!
    The smell in your underwear is stronger than other clothes because it is much closer to the skin.
    Shut the door so she can’t get to it.
    The only way to stop her getting to the underwear I can think of is to put something that does not smell very nice on your underwear to musk out your smell.
    Don’t use a treat every time she does what you want but don’t stop using treats all together.
    If she doesn’t know when the treat will come but knows there might be one she will do carry out the command.

  3. Ulva Child Tomorrow!!!

    i think its amazing how she understands u and sits before u give the command,ive been trying to teach my dog that for a year now and its not working. and about the underwear deal i think its better if u shut the door to where ur laundry is ,they love to go through anything that smells bad. my dog used to get in my cats litter box instead of playing with her toys ,its more of an adventure to them.

  4. the L eagle (DaRk WiNgS)

    Well, it seems to me that she’s a smart dog. U spoil all ur animals mom…. that’s y she does that. I’d shut the door and tell her that’s it’s bad to do that. Ur the animal whisperer anywayz…. so, yeah. lol. Well, i guess I’ll cya. Hope that helped.

  5. -TJ-

    OMG!!! Your dog has the telepathic, telekinetic, mind-reading powers of a magical and powerful genie mind-reader circus performer!
    * faints *
    *cries *

  6. Wonder Cat: Nut Lover

    Try working with her on new things like shake, speak, dance, stuff like that. she is understanding now if she sits that she gets a treat so that is why she does it almost automatically. Good luck.

  7. SoAZ Gal

    I think she likes your scent. Maybe she is a mindreading dog! I think you should enter her in that national TV show coming soon. She must be a special girl! Enjoy her.

  8. kayse

    Lol, I know just what you’re going ‘thru, PK! Frankie will go ‘thru his entire “repertoire” in anticipation of a treat! If I tell him to “sit” he’s already sitting by the time I finish saying the word. If I say “noooooo…” by the time I finish saying “sit” again, he’s already sat, laid down, rolled over, & tried to shake hands/paws! I’m not exaggerating at all! Here’s what I do:
    If I tell him to “sit” & he’s already done it before I finish telling him to & has already gone on to “down,” I tell him, “Nooooo, SIT Frankie” & I move away from him a bit so that he has to get up & sit again. As soon as he sits, I tell him “Good boy, Frankie, GOOD “sit!” He’s such a little smarty-pants, I’ve been teaching him hand signals along with the words, & we’ve been working on a “dance” together, lol! Have you seen the video of the Golden retriever “dancing” to the song in the movie “Grease?” You probably have, but it’s one of my all time favorites. (Goldens are my favorite breed) Anyway, so far he weaves in & out of my legs like the Golden does, lol. As for the knickers in the hamper, I’d just close the door for now, until she has a little more obedience training under her belt. Good luck & have fun!…

  9. emaleari

    OOoo the hamper issue is something you deal with too? I love coming home and having our undies all over the living room floor. Makes it feel like home! We have a walk in closet, so I usually shut the door so she can’t get in and drag them out. I just think it’s easier to work with that right now while we’re training on other things.
    Wean her off the treats. Have you tried clicker training? I absolutely love it (after Zoey stopped running away from the clicker!). Then you can associate a good thing with praise and petting instead of a treat. However, if you want to do traditional methods, they work just as well also. I just enjoy clicker training because it seems to mentally stimulate my dog more. Work on things associated with Sit. Our dog will automatically sit when she’s around us (maybe because she wants a treat?) and we have several tricks that she’s learned from the Sit position. These include “bang,” shake left, shake right, high five, high ten, bear and down.
    Just some suggestions, not an expert..just a fellow owner!

  10. Randee

    Good and bad.
    Good, because she is obviously learning good manners.
    Bad, she is anticipating the treat. Now you need to throw in another command. When she sits, reward her verbally, redirect on another command (down, heel) and reward with treat with accomplishment (and even near accomplishment).
    Don’t know what to tell you about the underwear other than put the hamper where she can’t get to it.

  11. truth about diets

    This is called stimulus control. If the dog is reacting to body language and you want her to only react to voice cues then you don’t reward the dog for doing something you haven’t asked for. Once a dog knows a command you don’t want to reward every time anyway, you go to a random reward schedule, this actually cements the response better than a treat every time. Why not take a training class or read some books. This is a dog that wants to work for treats which means you can teach it lots of behaviors if you understand how to do it. There are some good books here
    Regarding the hamper action, you first need to stop her from doing it by making it impossible for her to get at them. Don’t go the punishment route with this dog, if it’s a rescue it probably does not have a solid understanding of what people want from it, and you don’t want to damage your relationship. If shutting the door works, then shut the door. A trainer can give you ideas about how to work with this behavior, but don’t start yelling or hitting the dog, in case anyone recommends it.

  12. fearfuld

    Very good and honestly dogs seem to love stuff that smells worse than they do, so how could she resist your underwear?

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